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Sustainable travel at Kingston University

Supporting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Kingston University's practices tie in with the United Nations SDGs, which aim to transform our world and promote prosperity for all while protecting our planet. The University's policy on sustainable travel supports:

Kingston University is committed to sustainable travel. It aims to be, by 2030, one of the most enjoyably accessible universities in London (Kingston University Travel Policy).

If you are visiting the University, whether you're walking, cycling, using public transport or driving your electric vehicle, there are plenty of sustainable travel options available. Visit our directions page and enter your preferred mode of transport to find a suitable route.

As a university we are committed to facilitating sustainable travel to, from and around our sites. We host Dr Bike bicycle maintenance events at several of our campuses throughout the year. In 2016 we launched the KU eBike point-to-point bike hire service at our Penrhyn Road and Kingston Hill campuses. This scheme has now expanded to Seething Wells and Clayhill halls of residence. We also have electric vehicle charging points and have electric vehicles for use within our own small service fleet.

We offer our staff interest-free loans to buy public transport season tickets to travel to and from work rather than use their cars. We also help our staff purchase discounted bikes for commuting through the Bike 2 Work Scheme.

Free inter-site bus service

The free Kingston University inter-site bus service provides around 4,000 passenger journeys a day during term time to University campus sites, halls of residence and sport facilities. Find out more and view the timetable.

Following a successful application for funding under the Office for Low Emission Vehicles' Low Emission Bus Scheme, in September 2016 we converted our entire inter-site bus fleet to less-polluting hybrid vehicles, which emit approximately 30% less carbon, and between 75% and 90% less pollutants. We are working with the Transport Research Laboratory to monitor the impact of these improvements as part of a research project on alternative clear bus services for the Department for Transport.


Kingston University regularly hosts ‘Dr Bike' sessions. The "doctors" will comprehensively check any bike brought to them, do minor repairs and give advice on more major work that may be required, as well as any general maintenance. We also help our staff purchase discounted bikes for commuting through the Bike2Work Scheme.

Car travel and parking

Road transport makes up a fifth of UK greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. As the UK looks to reach net zero emissions by 2050, reducing emissions from road transport remains a significant challenge. To support this commitment and to incentivise the use of electric vehicles, Kingston University provides electric vehicle charging bays which during core hours are free to staff and students. Outside core hours the general public are also able to access the charge points at a cost.

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