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Business HND: After you graduate

Careers and progression

The majority of students who pass this course progress to the Business BA(Hons) top-up course, also taught at Kingston College and validated by Kingston University. Others have gone on to careers in sectors such as sales, IT, recruitment and financial services.

What our graduates say

Check out what our graduates have gone on to do and how studying at Kingston helped them achieve their goals.

Name: Colin Harding
Course: Business and Finance HND
Year of graduation: 1998
Current job: Business development manager, Lloyds TSB Bank
Location: London

Colin's HND has helped him build a career in the financial products sector. He loves the fact that his work involves constantly meeting new people and encouraging others to achieve their best.

"I always wanted to follow a career in business and thought that this course would provide a good grounding as it looked at every aspect of business life from marketing to employee law.

As Kingston's Business School had a very good reputation and my family had a flat nearby, it was the obvious place to study and I found the course great fun. Kingston University is where I met my wife – we are now expecting our first baby.

After graduating, I went to work for Standard Life Assurance Company as a broker consultant – this required looking after a number of independent financial advisers; discussing the products that Standard Life offered and where these might meet the profile of their clients. It was a great role as I was able to proactively develop new business opportunities. It also allowed me to develop in terms of taking professional exams.

I have subsequently gone on to work at Lloyds TSB as a business development manager. My role focuses on having regular client meetings to highlight the benefits of its retail products including current accounts, business accounts, loans and mortgages.

I also look after the military side of Lloyds TSB – Cox's and King's. This allows me to focus on specific products and develop offers for the military market, and it gives me more time to motivate my team so that we achieve our targets.

The great thing about my job is that it's people-based. I work as an individual and also as part of a team. I enjoy having the opportunity to meet different people, both internally and externally. My role gives me the chance to network, which in my business is invaluable. I also like the flexibility of my day-to-day arrangements, having regular meetings, motivating my team and seeing them achieve our goals.

One of my responsibilities is marketing and the HND course has given me a good understanding all the aspects involved with this, from developing a plan, overseeing and managing the production and finance, to pulling together the final campaign. Recently I've used this expertise to develop a successful advert which ran in leading military magazines.

Overall, I would say the most useful element of the course is that it covers such a huge number of topics. These have helped me in many aspects of my current role at work. The team work elements are very handy and, in addition to the marketing and business side, the employment law aspect and organisational behaviour elements are of great value to me."


Name: John Lynes
Course: Business and Finance HND
Year of graduation: 1994
Current job: Director, Ashdown IT
Location: Kingston upon Thames

After rapidly climbing the career ladder, John left employment to form a company with his brother. Together they have built a hugely successful business and John has found his HND to be of invaluable assistance.

"I had been interested in running my own business since the age of 14. Having completed business studies courses at school, and an OND in Business and Finance at college, I felt the vocational content of the Business and Finance HND would best suit my goal.

I enjoyed every aspect of the course; my particular interest was marketing, although I have since found each area studied to be beneficial. The whole experience was a bit of a roller coaster ride, trying to balance fun with hard work. I made some excellent friends during my time at university and decided to stay in Kingston after the course, as did most of my mates. A dozen years later I still enjoy living in the area.

After graduating and briefly working in a bar, I got a job with an international computer services company in its sales department. I found learning about the hardware and software products really interesting and, using my newly obtained marketing skills, I became top sales person for a number of years as a direct result of formulating effective marketing strategies. I went on to become a sales manager in the City, but I did not enjoy commuting.

So in 1999, after some very careful planning, I left to start Ashdown IT with my brother. We provide IT recruitment services to almost 1,000 companies, from very small organisations to those listed on the FTSE. We employ 25 people and the company is placed within the top 50 out of 1,500 IT recruitment companies. We have grown by 40% every year for the last three years and project to do so for the next four.

My direct responsibilities are for finance and IT and every day I am faced with new challenges. The HND course has helped enormously throughout my career and even more so now. Every aspect of running a business is catered for within the course and I have used it all, from business plan writing to creating an exit strategy. Another outstanding element of the course was the enthusiastic lecturers. I find learning much easier when I can see that the people teaching me have a passion for their work.

Part of my job involves trying to make work more enjoyable for other people. I think this is what I like most of all. As we have achieved our last six month's targets, I am planning a helicopter trip along the Thames, followed by a meal for everyone in the company to thank them for their hard work. It doesn't get much more fun than that!"



This course is taught at Kingston College


This course is taught at Kingston College

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