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How to apply

You can apply to Kingston University in one of four ways, but you are advised to check with your home institution's Study Abroad/international office to find the most appropriate method of applying.

  1. Via an institution which has a direct enrolment agreement with Kingston.
  2. Through a Study Abroad provider such as Academic Programs International (API) or International Studies Abroad (ISA).
  3. As an independent student and pay tuition fees directly to Kingston University.
  4. Via an institution which is one of our official international (non-EU) exchange partners.

The online application for entry in September 2024 (Study Options 1 and 2) is now open. Apply for Kingston University's visiting student programme here.

If you are a current Kingston student interested in studying abroad, please go to our My Kingston pages.

What our students sayStudy abroad student Delaney Gagen on the River Thames

"When you go to Kingston University, whether it be a semester or a year, the opportunities are endless. This is by far the  best decision I have ever made for myself. Thank you Kingston for making me who I am and pushing me past my limits".

Delaney Gagen, Slippery Rock University, PA

Supporting documentation

We require all of the following documents to accompany your application:

  1. Official college/university transcript(s), including classes that you are currently enrolled in. Your home institution may prefer to email this directly to us at
  2. A 250–300 word personal statement explaining your reason for choosing the Kingston Study Abroad programme, the modules that you have selected and the main goal for your Study Abroad experience.
  3. A good quality flat scan of the biographical page of your passport.
  4. An academic reference. This must be from an academic member of staff (professor) who has taught you in at least one class and can comment on your academic performance. You will be able to provide your referee's details on the online application itself. References from employers cannot be accepted.
  5. A head-and-shoulders photo.
  6. A portfolio (only applicable to studio-based modules in the Kingston School of Art) – see below.
  7. If your first language is not English, official confirmation of your English language proficiency, such as IELTS.

All documents are required in English.

Items 1) to 5) (and 7 if required) can be submitted as part of the online application itself.

For practical modules within Kingston School of Art (KSA)

If you wish to apply for a place as a Study Abroad or international exchange student on practical (ie no lectures, just studio work) modules within the KSA you will need to send a portfolio of your work in addition to the main application materials.

This applies to the following subjects: 

  • Architecture
  • Fashion
  • Fashion Promotion and Communication (specific agreements only)
  • Fine Art
  • Graphic Design
  • Illustration Animation
  • Interior Design
  • Product and Furniture Design

To submit your portfolio, choose one of the following:

  1. Set up your own web portfolio and send us a link to your website by return email. Please do not choose a site with a short life. A good site is Email the link to
  2. Email your portfolio as an attachment. PowerPoint is the preferred format but JPEG files are also acceptable (but no AutoCAD or cad files). File size must be below 10MB. Email  to

Make sure your name, current university and the major you wish to apply for are clearly indicated on all correspondence headers, web links etc.

Include developmental work as well as finished projects, and anything personal or of interest to you which supports your university courses and shows us how you think about your work.

Some subject areas impose a maximum limit to the number of Study Abroad/international exchange students that they will accept, so we advise applying early.

Application deadlines

What happens after application?

After receiving your complete application, you will receive an email confirming that we have received this successfully.

Staff will then assess and approve an appropriate study plan for you, which will be accompanied by a formal offer. If a module is not approved or no longer available, we'll give guidance on how to choose an alternative.

To accept and confirm your place, you'll need to follow the link in your offer email and reply by the given deadline.

All information about your accommodation as well as when to arrive, enrolment, orientation and an airport pick-up service together with practical information will normally be emailed to you in:

  • July (for students starting in September); or
  • December (for students starting in January)

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Enquiries about coming to Kingston as a visiting student:

Contact us

Study Abroad International Learning Office

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Enquiries about coming to Kingston as a visiting student: