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Fashion MA: Links with business and industry

How we work with industry partners

Students from Fashion MA worked on live projects with industry. Once again, this year's collaborative partners were Givaudan, Sense and InCrops, who sponsored the final-year fashion show at Vauxhall Fashion Scout in London's Covent Garden – part of London Fashion Week. The collections created as a result of these projects were showcased at the show.

Givaudan 2012

GivaudanGivaudan is the world leader in fragrance and flavour creation. Our creation process supports perfumers with a powerful web of creativity, technical expertise and consumer insight to provide fragrances people love from iconic household brands to designer fragrances. In our quest for creativity and innovation Givaudan are delighted to work with the students at Kingston University.

With the help of a multi-sensory focus project Kingston has helped explore the importance of engaging the senses reinforcing Givaudan's visionary move to improve people's perception of the sense of smell. This is the third year of working with the Fashion MA students and we have introduced collaboration with Sense, the UK's leading charity for the deafblind, this project has awakened awareness and brought innovative thought to those with sensory deprivation. Garments exploring texture, knitwear, bold colours, fruit 'bombs', sensual allure and mood therapy are amongst the ideas juxtaposed between scent and style.

Previous projects have explored iPerfumer – a tool to help choose your favourite perfume – powered by Givaudan. Available for free download from the iTunes App Store.


SenseIt has been a privilege to take part in such an exciting project and to understand the thinking behind such creative approaches taken by the students to the challenge. At Sense we have extensive experience of sensory deprivation as we work with deafblind children and adults, as such we are accustomed to working to maximise the potential of the
remaining senses. The wonderful work of the students involved with the Givaudan project in 2012 has expanded our horizons further still when considering potential of incorporating additional tactile and olfactory elements into design concepts.

InCrops experience in working with Kingston University

InCropsThe aim of the InCrops project is to stimulate the commercialisation of new biorenewable and low carbon products from alternative and non-food crops. InCrops also provides business support to regional companies and entrepreneurs looking to developing products and technologies based on sustainable materials. Being part of the Adapt Low Carbon group at the University of East Anglia, InCrops is particularly interested in bringing together plant derived materials and low carbon technologies. InCrops has long been interested in collaborating with the creative industries in order to develop concepts and prototypes using natural materials in mainstream products. As part of this collaboration, InCrops has sponsored a module on sustainable luxury with Fashion MA students.

What the design industry says about our Fashion MA

Studying this course means you'll have opportunities to be involved with organisations outside the university – you can find out about them here.

Kingston University has close links with the design and fashion industry. Here is what the design industry says about our Fashion MA:

"Realising what the fashion industry will need in the future as technology and design fuse, the Fashion MA at Kingston brings together insightful design with an understanding of our near and far future of design thinking. Encompassing the greater understanding that our clothes are not just about aesthetics, but embracing some of the understanding of clothing - for protection, warmth, comfort, tribal belonging and as a second skin – this course offers a platform for students to experiment, direct and most importantly innovate."
Philippa Wagner, materials and innovation consultant, Stylesite 

"It is increasingly important to look beyond the boundaries of discipline to create and innovate. Nancy Tilbury's own practice and the Fashion MA course she established at Kingston embraces interdisciplinary collaborative and creative exchange from industry."
Lianne Mallett, senior specialist colour and materials, strategy and vision, Nokia

"We are pleased with the establishment of the MA course which we feel fills a very important gap in the academic spectrum of fashion and textile education in the UK and Europe. We have collaborated with Nancy Tilbury on many projects over a decade and feel that her unique combination of skills and experience in the world of technology integration will continue to provide original thinking and cutting edge design. We look forward to an active and inspiring collaboration with the MA programme."
Clive van Heerden, senior director, Philips Design

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