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History MA: Who teaches this course

About the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

FASS FacultyThis course is delivered by the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences.

As a student on this course, you will benefit from a lively study environment, thanks to the wide range of postgraduate courses on offer.

The Faculty provides a vibrant and forward-thinking environment for study with:

  • courses designed in collaboration with industry professionals – keeping you up to date with the latest developments;
  • established connections with the London arts and media scene – with a range of guest speakers, professors and lecturers visiting the University; and
  • committed and enthusiastic staff – many of whom are expert practitioners as well as leading academics and researchers.

The Faculty's combination of academics and practitioners makes it a unique environment in which to further your studies and your career.

Where is the Faculty based? Most students are based at the University's Penrhyn Road campus, with our music courses taught at the Kingston Hill campus.

Staff teaching on this course

Professor John Davis

Professor John Davis specialises in 19th-century British and German history, Anglo-German relations and international relations. John has published a book on the 1851 Great Exhibition and also a book and articles on Britain and Germany.

Dr Sue Hawkins

Dr Sue Hawkins is based in the Centre for the Historical Record. Her research interests include women in Victorian society, the history of healthcare and the use of 21st-century technologies in historical research. She has published a book and articles on nursing as an emerging profession for women in the 19th century.

See more information on Dr Sue Hawkin's work in the media.

Dr Rachael Johnson

Dr Rachael Johnson specialises in eighteenth-century British social, leisure, gender, and medical history. She contributes to teaching on early modern and modern Britain and Europe. Rachael's research focuses on the history of England's spas and seaside resorts, which grew during the 18th century to become thriving centres for fashionable leisure and pleasure.

Dr Marisa Linton

Dr Marisa Linton's publications include a book on the politics of virtue in 18th-century France and an edited book on conspiracy in the French Revolution. She has also written many articles and book chapters, including such subjects as French revolutionary leaders; religious tolerance in the Enlightenment; women and virtue in the 18th-century; and women in revolution – the Paris Commune of 1871. She has published a book called Choosing Terror about the revolutionary leaders and the Terror in the French Revolution, with Oxford University Press.

See more information on Dr Marisa Linton's work in the media.

Dr Jeremy Nuttall

Dr Jeremy Nuttall specialises in ideas, politics and society in modern British history. Jeremy has published articles on Tony Crosland and Evan Durbin, and a book on ethical and psychological aspects in the history of the Labour Party's thought.

See more information on Dr Jeremy Nutall's work in the media.

Professor Craig Phelan

Professor Craig Phelan specialises in 20th-century labour and trade union history, political economy, and the history of the USA. He is editor of the journal Labour History, and has written widely on contemporary problems facing trade unions worldwide.

See more information on Professor Craig Phelan's work in the media.

Dr John Stuart

Dr John Stuart specialises in the history of modern Britain, the British Empire and Commonwealth, and Sub-Saharan Africa. John has published articles on missionary history and British imperial and Commonwealth history, and a book on missionaries and the 'end of empire' in Africa.

Dr Mark Williams

Dr Mark Williams specialises in the history of national identities in Britain, and in many aspects of the social and cultural history of early modern Britain and Europe. He is an early career researcher, and has had an article published on Anglo-French encounter in the 18th century and the impact on identities.

Dr Steven Woodbridge

Dr Steven Woodbridge specialises in the history of the extreme right in Britain, British social and local history, and the history of political thought. He has published chapters and articles on fascism and culture, the contemporary extreme right, and the local history of Kingston and Richmond.

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This course is taught at Penrhyn Road

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This course is taught at Penrhyn Road

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