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About research at Kingston

At Kingston, groups of researchers work together to generate and share new knowledge. Knowledge is passed on to students through courses, and to other organisations through enterprise activities. Knowledge is shared with other researchers all over the world through publications and events such as seminars and conferences. By collaborating with other organisations, our research remains relevant to public interests and can provide real benefits for society.

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What is research?

Research is the search for knowledge. Driven by human beings' natural curiosity, it can take many different forms and can lead to new understandings, appreciations and advancements.

The University creates an environment where high quality research can flourish and where knowledge can be shared very effectively. In turn, research informs the University's courses; the latest understandings are brought into the classroom by skilled teaching staff, ready to equip the next generation of thinkers and doers with the latest knowledge in their field.   

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