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Collaboration with industry and business

The Centre for Fire and Explosion Studies (CFES) and Pilkington Glass

Fire protective glassCFES has been working with Pilkington glass to gain a better understanding of how glass behaves in various fire scenarios. The Centre has developed a model that links varying glass temperatures with probability data on edge-strength provided by Pilkington Research and Development. The CFES model takes into account the spectral behaviour of the glass surface emissivity, and couples heat transfer and stress analysis within the body of the glass with three-dimensional computational fluid dynamics based models for fires. The aim is to develop this model as a design tool for fire engineers.

Engineering and Chess Dynamics

The ‘COBRA platform' - an electro optical director used for surveillance (photo credit: Chess Dynamics Ltd)Chess Dynamics designs, develops and manufactures future-generation defence systems. The company relies on its ability to anticipate and respond to emerging technological advances to stay competitive. More-stringent accuracy specifications are being placed on high-end tracking and motion stabilisation for satellites and surveillance systems, and Chess Dynamics intends to develop technologies that will enable it to substantially improve accuracy and tracking speed.

The company is working with Professor Andrzej Ordys and Ms Gordana Collier to develop mathematical models to simulate mechanical tracking systems. The project will also develop systems for accurate estimation of the angular and linear position, based on improved sensors and advanced algorithms, advanced control system algorithms to minimise the non-linear effects in drive systems, and methods to transfer control and estimation system design into embedded hardware for fast real-time implementation.

Other industry and business collaborations include:

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