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Archive of policies and regulations for 2013/14

View Kingston University's academic policies and regulations for the 2013/14 academic year.

General regulations

GR1 General Student Regulations 2013/14 (PDF)
GR2a Student Complaints Procedure (PDF)
GR2b Student Complaints Guidance (PDF)
GR3a Student Disciplinary Procedure (PDF)
GR3b Student Disciplinary Guidance (PDF)
GR4a Fitness to practise – version A (PDF)
GR4b Fitness to practise – version B (PDF)

Academic regulations 2013/14

AR1 Awards of the University (PDF)
AR2a Undergraduate Regulations – Version A (PDF)
AR2b Undergraduate Regulations – Version B (PDF)
AR2c Undergraduate Regulations – Version C (PDF)
AR2d Undergraduate Regulations – Version D (PDF)
AR2e Undergraduate Regulations – Version E (PDF)
AR3a Postgraduate Regulations – Version A (PDF)
AR3b Postgraduate Regulations – Version B (PDF)
AR3c Postgraduate Regulations – Version C (PDF)
AR3d Postgraduate Regulations – Version D (PDF)
AR4 Research Degrees (PDF)
AR5 Mitigating Circumstances and Student Assessment (PDF)
Mitigating Circumstances Claim Form (Word)
AR6 Academic Misconduct – Taught Courses (PDF)
Quick guide to academic misconduct regulations (PDF)
AR7 Academic Misconduct – Research Degrees (PDF)
AR8 Academic Appeals – Taught Courses (PDF)
Application form for a Stage 1 Appeal (Word)
Application form for a Stage 2 Appeal (Word)
Quick guide to academic appeals regulations (PDF)
Nomination of a third party representative (Academic Appeals) (Word)
AR9 Academic Appeals – Research Degrees (PDF)
Application form for the review of an assessment board decision (research degrees) (Word)
AR10 Expulsion on Academic Grounds (PDF)
AR11 Honorary Awards (PDF)
AR12 Roles and Responsibilities in the Assessment Process (PDF)
AR13 Professional Doctorate Regulations – Doctor of Education (EdD) (PDF)

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Academic policies 2013/14

AP1 Admissions Policy (PDF)
AP2 Student Pregnancy and Maternity Policy (PDF)
AP3 Academic Quality and Standards Policy (PDF) – see also Academic Quality and Standards Handbook
AP4 Audio recording of lectures by students (PDF)
AP5 Placement Learning (PDF)
AP6a Academic Flexibility – Sporting Activities (PDF)
AP6b Academic Flexibility – Arts and Culture (PDF)
AP7 Fraudulent Applications (PDF)
AP8 Timetabled Student Activity Cancellation Policy (PDF)
AP9 Admission of Applicants under the age of 18 years (PDF)

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Academic guidance 2013/14

AG1 Keys Skills Framework – A Guide for Staff (PDF)
AG2 University Level Descriptors (PDF)
AG3a Plagiarism – A Staff Guide (PDF)
AG3b Plagiarism – A Student Guide (PDF)
AG4 Guide to Good Research Practice (PDF)
AG5 Provision of Academic References for Students (PDF)
AG6 Management and Retention of Student Files (PDF)
AG7 University Grade Criteria (PDF)
AG8 Procedures for dealing with misconduct in research staff (PDF)

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Other policies

Ethics: Guidance and Procedures for Undertaking Research involving Human Subjects (PDF)
Intellectual Property Rights: Staff (PDF)
Intellectual Property Rights: Students (PDF)
Commitment to the Bologna Process (PDF)
Freedom of speech and external speakers (PDF)

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