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Writers' Centre Kingston

Writers' Centre Kingston (WCK) is a literary cultural centre dedicated to creative writing in all its forms, with an annual programme of events, talks, workshops and festivals. Each of the dozen special events that make up the annual programme are themed, from Living to Dying, Loving to Hating. The Centre utilises many of Kingston's beautiful and unique venues from The Rose Theatre to Dorich House Museum.

The programme brings together some of the finest writers from across the UK and the world in conversation with the exceptional staff of Kingston University, drawn from a wide variety of writing disciplines - from fiction to journalism, poetry to art writing, even including the sciences and beyond.

The understanding of writing is inclusive and innovative, and it is fundamental to WCK's mission that audiences and participants are a mix of students alongside the considerable local community of writers and literary devotees.

Writers' Centre Kingston builds on the decade-long legacy of Kingston Writing School and aims to create a unique, groundbreaking and adaptable centre that inspires all who attend or participate with a dynamic and original approach to live literature and writing culture.

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