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The Faculty offers opportunities for commercial and social enterprise. It has expertise across a range of disciplines. World-class academics can provide expert practical and theoretical advice, to enable collaborative contract research, facilities hire and consultancy or improved commercialisation through knowledge transfer.

We are also the academic partner for Enterprise Europe Network (Greater London), which serves to assist in growth and internationalisation of business.

Our specialist areas include:

Digital Information Research Centre

Our Digital Information Research Centre carries out internationally-leading work in the field of informatics. It addresses the needs of society in the thematic areas of health, communications, security and data.

Vocality KTP partnership with Vocality International Ltd, an IP communications company based near Guildford to develop new technologies over wireless technologies. These new developments will have relevance to a number of key markets including government, military and the private sector.

Robot Vision

The Robot Vision research group has expertise in human and computer vision, automatic image and video interpretation, visual attention and cognition, ambient assisted living (AAL) and intelligent systems.

Projects include digitally automating the identification of plant and insect species including work with Kew Gardens Kew on automated identification of moth larvae.

The group is developing a virtual reality ‘VR' mobile app to demonstrate the Diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease.

The team also won funding of more than €900,000 for a Europe-wide MONICA project. This explores how smart technologies could improve video surveillance and speed up the response from security teams to incidents in the middle of large crowds.

Health and age-related research

Diabetes and cardiovascular

Our expertise spans basic cell and molecular biology, drug design and delivery, diagnostics, and patient monitoring using the latest mobile health technology. We work with patients, clinicians, and international experts to investigate basic mechanisms of the disease process with the aim of improving patient treatment and quality of the lives of people with diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Sport, exercise, nutrition and public health

We work with sport professionals, clinicians, regulatory bodies and patients. Our research investigates the impact of sport, nutrition and exercise on health, well-being, disease and human performance as well as the influence of human behaviour and public health initiatives on long-term health.

Our expertise includes the effect of sport, exercise and nutrition at the cellular and molecular level, and their contribution to health and well-being, biomechanical, nutritional, physiological, pharmacological and psychological factors that affect human performance, and the influence of public health initiatives on human behaviour and vice versa.

Infection and immunity

Working in molecular microbiology, basic and applied microbiology, molecular and cellular parasitology, parasite life cycles, immunology, natural products research, genomics, drug resistance, biodiversity, and rapid detection systems. Our work aims to answer some of the important questions concerning the biology of infectious agents and their impact on human health.

Kingston University experts developed a new test to quickly identify people who may be infected with the superbug MRSA when admitted to hospital. The research was shortlisted for the prestigious Royal Society of Chemistry Emerging Technologies industry award.


Our interests and expertise span a range of areas. This includes cell and molecular biology of cancer, the importance of inflammation, infectious agents, nutrition and biomarkers in cancer, cancer diagnosis and imaging, anti-cancer drug design and delivery, and patient treatment and monitoring using the latest mobile health technologies.

Drug discovery, delivery and patient care

Research aims to improve quality of life by providing safe, effective, and innovative products and services. It spans the diverse, yet inter-connected, areas of new drug and biological target discovery, pharmaceutical formulation and development of new drug delivery systems and patient care.

Vision, cognition and neuroscience

We have expertise in the optics of the eye, vision science, the higher visual processes and cognition using basic science: physics, chemistry, biology and mathematics. We apply this expertise to the sensory work on cross-disciplinary projects that investigate ageing of the eye and higher order sensory functions.

Kingston University and Rayner Intraocular Lenses Ltd were awarded £60,000 to work on a two-year Knowledge Transfer Partnership to develop an artificial human eye model simulating real conditions in order to investigate new and existing intraocular products.

Diabetes and cardiovascular pathologies

We bring together diabetes and cardiovascular disease researchers from across the University, with the aim of improving patient treatment and quality of life through inter-disciplinary research. Our expertise spans basic cell and molecular biology, drug design and delivery, diagnostics, and patient monitoring using the latest mobile health technology.

Technologies for active and assisted living

Active and Assisted Living (AAL) focuses on the use of information and communication technologies (ICT) to support people's health and safety, increasing their autonomy and well-being, by the provision of services from the automatic supervision of medication to intelligent monitoring.

Engineering, Environment and Society

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Our research can help you deal with a wide range of needs, by either advancing your existing UAV technology or by developing new, customised and efficient solutions for your conventionally dangerous, expensive or labour-intensive operations. We have expertise not only in UAV design and flight optimisation, but also artificial intelligence and machine learning, remote sensing, computer vision, anomaly detection, wireless communication and computer aided engineering.

Find out more about our UAV solutions.

Centre for Engineering, Environment and Society Research

This Research Centre brings together researchers at all levels who work in engineering and environmental sciences and has specific expertise in:

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