Energy is a 'hot topic' both nationally and globally. Government, industry and the general public are all aware of how resources are becoming increasingly limited - and increasingly expensive. Through specially designed courses, Kingston University's energy initiative, Kingston Energy, aims to provide a continuing pool of talented engineers and scientists to work within the UK's burgeoning energy industry - while its research teams continue to provide renewable, alternative and conventional energy solutions for the future.

Kingston Energy works in collaboration with industry and other institutions on energy research projects and the creation of tailor-made courses which provide workforces with the skills to address more specific needs.

It is supported by an external advisory board which includes Malcolm Brown, Vice President of Exploration at BG Group (British Gas) and Geoff Reed, consultant for Nexgas (previously of BG Group), plus Malcolm Farrow, CEO of the Environmental Industries Commission. The CEO of Hydrodec Ltd, Ian Smale, is also an advisor to the Faculty.

Research themes

Key areas of expertise currently include:

  • Human and socio-political aspects of sustainability
  • Bioenergy and biomass
  • Solar and wind power,
  • Wave / tidal stream energy.
  • Smart homes and energy conservation in buildings
  • Hybrid and electric vehicles
  • Conventional oil and gas exploration
  • Shale gas fracking
  • Nuclear energy expertise
  • Geothermal and nuclear energy
  • Hydrogen fuel cell development
  • Thermal design and modelling of thermal systems - plus heat transfer design.

With a background in conventional energies and gas, theme leader Professor Gavin Gillmore's own research interests lie in the geological aspects of fracking, environmental radioactivity and geothermal energy. He is a member of the Environmental Industries Commission Shale Gas Working Party and the Parliamentary Group for Energy Studies.

Contact us

For more information, please contact theme leader and head of Kingston Energy, Professor Gavin Gillmore.

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