Medical Engineering

The Medical Engineering Group's aim is to develop and apply engineering and technology to help solve current problems in medicine and biology.

Research themes

Examples of current research areas include:

Biomechanical engineering

  • Design and preclinical feasibility assessment of an active Fontan assist device
  • Biomechanical clinical assessment

Biomedical imaging and visualisation

  • Virtual reality and computer vision for Alzheimer's diagnosis
  • Vision based medical features for diagnosis and treatment
  • Optical properties of the eye lens
  • Intraocular lens implants
  • Medical image analysis and visualisation
  • Assessment of solid state nuclear track detectors

Medical signal processing

  • Analysis of infant respiratory data
  • Extraction of respiratory data from pulse oximetry waveforms
  • Analysis of neonatal neuro-electrophysiological signals

Biomedical data modelling

  • Finite element analysis of hip bone
  • Advanced natural fibre composite for biomedical applications

Biomedical sensors

  • Fibre optic medical sensors including respiration


  • M-Health and E-Health
  • Remote monitoring of infant physiological data

Contact us

For general enquiries, please contact the Theme Leader, Professor David Wertheim.