Mr Karthikeyan Ramachandran (Karthik)


I am Chartered Engineer with exposure towards industrial and academic experience. I joined the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Kingston University in May 2022 and current working as a Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering. My subject specialization includes Engineering Design, Optimization and Analysis (CAD/CAM/CAE), Processing and analysis of ceramic composites for aerospace, biomedical and mechanical applications. 

I hold a Master's degree with distinction in Mechanical Engineering from Kingston University and prior to that, I studied Mechanical Engineering at Sathyabama University, Chennai, India. I am currently doing my PhD research in "Next Generation Ceramic Matrix Composites (CMCs) for Turbine Engine Efficiency" at Kingston University which I am hoping to complete by Dec 2022. In addition to my PhD research, I am also currently working on the various projects associated to the material science.  My current projects including repairability of CMCs, additive manufacturing of ceramic composites, nanocomposites for barrier coatings and structural applications, fluid structure interaction and plasma based micro-propulsion system for small scale satellites.

I am currently an Associate Fellow of Higher Education Academy (AFHEA) and hoping to achieve Fellowship status. I am also a member of Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE)  as well as other engineering societies including Institute of Corrosion and Royal Aeronautical Society (RES). I have significant industrial experience with extensive industrial exposure via internships, summer placements and official placements with various reputed organisations in India. Currently, I am working as R&D Engineer with NEEP consultancy, India where I work on design of propulsion systems and additive manufacturing. 

Academic responsibilities

Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering


  • Associate Fellowship (AFHEA) from Advance HE
  • Chartered Engineer (CEng) with Institute of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE)
  • MSc (Dist.) in Mechanical Engineering, Kingston University, London
  • B.E (Dist.) in Mechanical Engineering, Sathyabama University, Chennai, India

Teaching and learning


My research area tends to understand the relation between properties and processing techniques associated with ceramics and its composites for various applications including biomedical, aerospace and mechanical. My research interests includes and not limited to - ceramics, MAX phase materials, ultra high temperature ceramics, Nano-composites, ceramic matrix composites, barrier coatings (T/EBCs, additive manufacturing and joining of ceramics. I also posses a keen interest on the design for manufacturing on which I have good relations with different organizations in India

Current Research 

I am currently undertaking my PhD titled "Next generation Ceramic Matrix Composites (CMCs) for turbine Efficiency"  which I am hoping to complete by December 2022. Through this research, I am hoping to design a multi-layer environmental barrier coatings for oxide-oxide ceramic matrix composites. I have published two Q1 articles towards my PhD and submitted few towards peer review in reputed Journals. I have been awarded partial funding from Kingston University to undertake my PhD and further achieved two cash prizes for publishing in high quality journals.

I also have a keen interest towards Material Informatics and bio-composites on which I am intending to publish articles soon. Further, I am also interested in projects and research related to design, optimization and analysis of structures for various application as per standards. 

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  • Plenary Lecture: DD Jayaseelan, C Zuccarini, K Ramachandran, Y Jayakody and S Russo, "Development of UHTCs for hypersonic applications", at an international conference on "Advanced Thermal structural Materials and Thermal protection systems, (ADTHERM'20)".
  • C Zuccarini, K Ramachandran DD Jayaseelan, "Stress distribution analysis in zirconium diboride and silica carbide (ZrB2-SiC) based thermal protection system under hypersonic flight conditions using machine learning driven approach", UHTC: Materials for Extreme Environment Application V (2022).

Areas of specialism

  • Ceramics Matrix Composites & Nano-composites
  • Barrier Coatings for high temperature applications
  • Bio-Composites
  • Ultra-High Temperature Ceramics
  • Additive Manufacturing of Ceramics

Professional practice, knowledge exchange and impact

Professional and scholarly affiliations

  • Chartered Engineer (CEng), Engineering Council
  • Member of Institution of Mechanical Engineers (MIMechE)

Social media