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Facilities in our libraries

Kingston University library buildings are now available for all our learners and the wider community. Please remember it is strongly recommended to wear a mask in all library buildings. We also encourage you to check-in using the NHS Test and Trace service by scanning the QR code you will find at the entrance to all libraries.

Opening hours are subject to change at short notice in response to local or national Government restrictions.

Members of the public and visitors who are not in higher education are welcome to make use of the library service on a reference-only basis for free.

As a reference-only visitor, you can access print resources, for example, books, journals and use study spaces in the library abiding by the library policies, agreements and regulations.

Students from schools and colleges are welcome but under 16s must be accompanied by an adult.

If you would like to be able to borrow print items, you will need to purchase membership rights.

Kingston University provides wireless internet access to visitors. For more details view our Information and Technology Services WiFi page.

This information about the facilities available in our libraries is for special members and visitors. Current students will find information about computers, seminar rooms and graduate centres on My Kingston.

Copying and scanning

The multi-function devices (MFDs) in the libraries offer photocopying and scanning to visitors. Visitors can borrow a photocopy card from the library helpdesk for black-and-white or colour copying and scanning.

Photocopying and scanning costs

Standard prices

Paper sizeMonoColour

A4 Single



A4 Duplex



A3 Single



A3 Duplex



Scanning Free Free

Wide-format prices

Paper sizeColour







Study zones

There are different zones within our libraries so you can choose an area to suit the way you study.

Different students have different preferences for their study environment; some like to have a little background noise, others require complete silence in order to concentrate on their work.

Please choose your study area carefully so that you do not disturb others. All zones (Whispered Study and Silent Study) are clearly marked with signs.

Watching DVDs and videos

There is an extensive cinema collection at Penrhyn Road and Knights Park Dame Elizabeth Esteve-Coll Centre Libraries. You can watch DVDs on computers in the library or borrow them to watch at home. A few films are still available on video cassette only and a viewing station is available for watching these. Please note that we do not lend headphones, however some PCs are equipped with them..

Films based on a work of literature are shelved with the literature so it is always a good idea to check on iCat first or ask a member of staff for help if you are not sure.

All DVDs are in locked cases and you need to unlock these before you can watch the DVD. Borrow the DVD from one of the self-service machines (even if you are going to watch the DVD in the library) and then swipe the case on the DVD unlocker located just outside the library entrance to unlock the case. There are stickers on the DVD cases and posters in the libraries to make this easier for you, or please ask a member of staff for help.

Listening to music

Most windows PCs in the libraries can play CDs. There is also a record player on the first floor of Kingston Hill Library (Nightingale Centre) which can play records from our vinyl record collection.

For music work, we have a selection of Music Macs on the first floor of Kingston Hill Library (Nightingale Centre.) Headphones for the Music Macs can be borrowed from the library helpdesk on the ground floor.

Preparation areas

In each library, we provide self-service areas for preparing and presenting work. You can:

  • bind your work using our binders;
  • enclose sheets of paper in plastic using a laminator.

We also sell a small range of items to help you present your work from our Help Desks. Please speak to a member of staff for more details.

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