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Renewing items from library

How are items renewed?

Automatic Renewals

Four-week loans and seven-day loans are automatically renewed a day before the due date unless:

  • they have been requested by someone else; or
  • your library account has been blocked preventing you from borrowing or renewing other items.

Your account will be blocked from borrowing items if your account has reached £15 in fines.

In these circumstances the item will not be automatically renewed. You will be emailed and informed that you must return these items or fines will apply.

Desk loan items can only be renewed at the library helpdesks.

Renewing Yourself

If you wish, you can renew items yourself at any time provided they meet the conditions above. You can do this in the 'My Account' area on iCat:

First, sign in to iCat using the 'Sign in' link in the top-right corner, then click 'My Account'. All the items you have on loan will be displayed, with their due dates.

Select 'Renew' or 'Renew all' to renew your loans. The due date for the renewed items will be updated if the renewal was successful 

You can also do this using the 'Renew items' option on the self-service machines in the libraries.

How many times can items be renewed?

Items on your account will continue renewing, unless someone else requests them or your account is blocked. 

Items will be renewed from the day of the renewal, so a seven-day loan that has been renewed will be due back seven days after the date it was renewed.

What happens during vacations? 

Four-week loans, seven-day loans and desk loan items continue to be issued and renewed for their normal loan periods over the vacations and during placements.

Your loans will not renew if they have been requested by another borrower or if there is a problem with your account. If you live a long distance from the libraries we ensure fines on an item are suspended for seven days to provide you with adequate time to return the item. If you do not return the item within those seven days you will be subject to the full fine.

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