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Communication Design: Graphic Design MA: What our students say

Student profiles

Don't just take our word for it – here's what students say about what it's like to study at Kingston University.

Kjerstin Asak

Name: Kjerstin Asak
Hometown:  Oslo, Norway
Course: Communication Design: Graphic Design MA

"The first thing you should know about this course is that you will not be handed your MA on a silver platter, and that's the best part. You learn to widen your skill set and get different perspectives from a very lovely, international community. You will get to know some amazing and inspiring tutors who will always help you find the right questions to ask, and you will also learn from a variety of guest lecturers.

If I could do it again I would, because I have never felt as challenged yet so free as I felt during my time at Kingston."


Rubbie Chong

Name: Rubbie Chong
Hometown: Taipei, Taiwan
Course: Communication Design: Graphic Design MA

"I had a really great experience on the Communication Design: Graphic Design MA at Kingston. We undertook group as well as personal projects. For the group project we worked with students from different design disciplines. This was not easy for me as English is not my native language, but these projects inspired me a lot during discussions, and I was positively influenced by the different perspectives from the diverse fields of design, and the cultural backgrounds of my fellow group members.

In the individual projects, we had two tutors who focused on different aspects of graphic design. They helped us to make our personal projects ambitious and perfect. During the course I learned a lot of new skills and developed my knowledge of graphic design. I am really grateful to be graduate of Kingston University."


Natasha Coutinho

Name: Natasha Coutinho
Hometown: Goa, India
Course:  Communication Design: Graphic Design MA

"Choosing Kingston University has been the best choice for my development as a designer. Through its interdisciplinary format this course stands out for any individual seeking to indulge in a thorough and informed design practice. The various studio facilities available made it possible to experiment and try out innovative concepts.

The curriculum is set out perfectly and provides various opportunities to prepare yourself for the professional world. The course has been challenging and very intense at times but there is no lack of support from the faculty and other technical staff.

The tutors are very competent, encouraging and supportive to each and every student and go that extra mile to further boost our contemplations without any compromise. The overall programme was very rewarding and enriching and a worthwhile experience."


Christopher Henriksen

Name: Christopher Henriksen
Hometown: OsIo, Norway
Course: Communication Design: Graphic Design MA

"Kingston University allowed me to challenge myself as a designer by setting open briefs and allowing for personal interpretations of them, as well as providing the sufficient facilities to make it all come together. Being able to work in such a creative environment and collaborate with students from other courses is a extremely valuable experience, and Kingston University manages to make this happen.

Kingston University allowed me to learn new things, branch out and further expand my skill set. I find this highly valuable as it has given me an excellent starting point to diversify my skills further until I have an unique, rare and hopefully valuable mix."


Anna Hidvégi

Name: Anna Hidvégi
Hometown: Budapest, Hungary
Course: Communication Design: Graphic Design MA

"Studying Communication Design: Graphic Design MA at Kingston was,without any doubt, the best decision of my life so far. Not only as a graphic designer but as a person as well.

I met creative people who I still keep in touch with and are now great friends of mine; tutors whose encouragement and knowledge I cannot be grateful enough for; and the chance to studying in a cool, relaxed and inspiring space where I could research and do anything that I (literally) wished for.

If you get up with the wild idea of making an alphabet out of 2m long wooden letters, or to research and screen print rainbows for a month – and you can also explain why you want to do it – you will not just have a proper technical and theoretical background to support you, but also people who will encourage you to start doing it and will go with you on that road.

I came from a very practical BA so I really enjoyed looking at graphic design from a completely different point of view where the research process is just as important as the final outcome. I discovered the importance of meaning behind designing, and the interdisciplinary group projects have taught me many new things as well. The course gave me confidence and has opened doors to the creative industries."


Nour Kays

Name: Nour Kays
Hometown:  Beirut, Lebanon
Course: Communication Design: Graphic Design MA

"My postgraduate program at Kingston University changed my perspective on how to do things, the tutors let you find your own way to learn how to do a project. The interdisciplinary part of the program allows you to grow and learn new skills. As a result my final project was a combination of environmental/ fashion and graphic design and after almost two years I'm still watching it grow."


Alex Medhurst

Name: Alex Medhurst
Hometown: Luxembourg
Course: Communication Design: Graphic Design MA

"There are several factors that make the MA Graphics amazing. I took a great deal away from it with the help of so many at Kingston.

Firstly, the tutors are always available to you; they encourage you and your ideas by providing guidance and subject expertise. Crucially, you are also able to seek advice from tutors from the other courses should your projects venture into different disciplines. You are able to receive different points of view, giving you great insight and the ability to tackle challenging projects.

Secondly, the facilities at Kingston allowed us to bring our projects to another level. There was an amazing 3D workshop, but for me the print workshop was a godsend. The skills I acquired there built my confidence and pushed me to discover new techniques, and the help from technicians is second to none!

Thirdly, having an atmosphere you feel comfortable in is so important and aids productivity and you learn from your peers. I met like minded people from all backgrounds (that ended up as great friends), and we all helped each other by either by exchanging knowledge, support and encouragement.

Finally, a highlight of the course was the awesome European field trip. We went to Berlin by coach via many interesting cities. It was amazing! We visited SO many great galleries and inspirational studios on the trip."


Jack Smyth

Name: Jack Smyth
Hometown: Dublin, Ireland
Course: Communication Design: Graphic Design MA

"My year at Kingston altered my perspective in a profound way. The manner in which I approach problems, work and situations is completely different from when I turned up on the first day, and I continually feel the benefits of the course every day that I work in design.

It is a course which feeds creative thinking and encouraged me to really push concepts much further than I had envisaged before through hands on experience, trial and error. The Communication Design: Graphic Design MA fully repays what each individual puts in and has had such a strong hand in shaping my career since finishing."


Arthur Yang

Name: Arthur Yang
Hometown: Beijing, China
Course: Communication Design: Graphic Design MA

"Coming from a BA in Visual Communication, following the postgraduate graphic design pathway at Kingston University helped develop my creativity in visual language and design. It helped me create a logical methodology in which new ideas were constantly created, shared and evaluated.

The Communication Design: Graphic Design MA was not simply a course that taught me new techniques or style. I found a new understanding of independent thinking and through self-directed projects I was pushed to go further within the discipline. This approach has influenced me since I graduated from Kingston and have become a graphic designer.

Kingston's MA Graphic Design is a one year course, but it's influence still informs my career and working process more than I could have imagined."


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This course is taught at Kingston School of Art, Knights Park

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020 3308 9930*

*Calls cost 7p per minute from a UK landline plus your phone company's access charge. Calls to this number from mobiles are normally deductible from your inclusive minutes.


This course is taught at Kingston School of Art, Knights Park

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