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Small Business Leadership Programme at Kingston University

Course information

The Small Business Leadership Programme is designed to support senior leaders to enhance their business's resilience and recovery from the impact of COVID-19, and develop its potential for future growth and productivity.

Participants will develop strategic leadership skills and the confidence to make informed decisions to boost business performance.

The practical curriculum will explore leadership, innovation, employee engagement, operational efficiency, marketing, sustainable practices, and finance.

The 10-week, fully-funded programme is free to participants and will be delivered online by small business and enterprise experts from Kingston Business School. The programme is designed to be manageable alongside full-time work.

Participants must be in senior management roles, with at least one direct report, in businesses which have been operating for at least one year and with 5-249 employees in England.

Benefits of taking part

  • Develop your strategic capability to plan for the future of your business, and to ensure that your business is in a great position to recover from the impact of COVID-19.
  • Learn how to make your business more productive and resilient.
  • Support you to develop your management and leadership skills, and increase your confidence to make better decisions, boost business performance and become more effective.
  • Provide a reflective and practical programme tailored to support your business. Apply your learning to your business
  • Help you to build lasting relationships with a network of small business leaders and business experts in your region.
  • Create an innovative, productive and agile organisational culture able to drive growth.
  • Support you to embed responsible business practices.

Programme format

  • A structured programme of eight 90-minute webinars over the course of 10 weeks. You will also be required to complete up to two hours of independent study and peer supported learning per week.
  • Delivered online whilst social distancing measures are in place.
  • Develop a network of up to 20 other small business leaders and opportunities for peer-learning.
  • Facilitated by small business experts in Kingston Business School
  • A practical curriculum which will help you to develop leadership skills to improve performance in your business.

Programme content

Innovation and Markets: What is meant by innovation in business? How it impacts on productivity and how to respond and recover from challenges.

Leadership and Employee Engagement: Develop your leadership skills to have a positive effect on the performance of your business; and assess the key elements of employee engagement to achieve high performance.

Vision, Purpose and Brand: Explore your own leadership style and how to get the best out of the people around you; understanding the culture of your business.

Demand Creation and Customer Relationships: Identify key markets for your business and consider your approach to creating customer demand and building customer relationships.

Operational Efficiency: Build a strategic approach to operations management including the use of digital technologies

Finance and Financial Management: Understand the key elements and principles of financial management and the use of financial data to support strategic decision making in your business.

Action Planning and Implementation: Develop an action plan for resilience and productivity in your business, including what key tools and metrics are required to measure your performance.

Learning outcomes

  • Develop an action plan for resilience and productivity in your business.
  • Understand how innovation can impact productivity and help you to respond and recover from challenges.
  • Reflect on your leadership style and build on your leadership skills to improve your business's performance.
  • Develop your business's vision and values for the long term sustainability of your business
  • Assess employee engagement and identify actions to achieve high performance
  • Outline a strategic approach to operations management, efficiency, and value creation in your business

Course team

  • Programme Director: Dr Bahare Afrahi
  • Programme Coordinator: Eugene Fisher
  • Peer Group Facilitator: Dr Juan Soon



To join the Small Business Leadership Programme, your business must:

  • Be a small or medium-sized enterprise (SME) based in England
  • Employ between 5 and 249 people
  • Have been operational for at least one year
  • The participant should be a decision maker or member of the senior management team within the business, such as a chief executive or finance director, with at least one person reporting directly to them
  • Participants will be required to complete all sessions

Booking information

We aim to be fully compliant with government health and safety guidelines whilst running short courses at Kingston University.

This programme is complete. Please contact us if you are interested in future small business courses.


This course is fully funded and free to participants.


Eugene Fisher


Eugene Fisher

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