What is enrolment?

Enrolment is a two-stage process to register as an official Kingston University student. Enrolling at the right time is important as it unlocks things like your course timetable and student funding.

  • Stage 1: Online enrolment (before you arrive)
  • Stage 2: In-person enrolment (when you arrive)

Online enrolment will be open from Monday 29 November and you will receive an email with full instructions on how to enrol through OSIS (Online Student Information System) once your place has been confirmed (eg. your status changes to unconditional firm).

Please note: If you have a conditional offer, you will only be sent the instructions once your results have been received and your place has been confirmed.

Why enrol?

Completing online enrolment (before you arrive) will give you access to:

  • Your student loan – if you have been awarded a student loan, completing your enrolment will release your money three working days after we can see you have engaged with your Welcome and Induction activities.
  • From Wednesday 1 December 2021, you will have access to your Welcome to Kingston online module (part of your Welcome and Induction). This module will need to be completed by the end of Welcome and Induction Week.
  • You will be able to book the Welcome activities you would like to take part in (part of your Welcome and Induction). More information on Welcome and Induction is provided below.
  • Your course teaching timetable – after completing your online enrolment you'll be able to see your individual teaching timetable for the first teaching block (which will go through to December) which will be published before Welcome and Induction Week.

Completing in-person enrolment (when you arrive for Welcome Week) means:

  • Your student funding will be released 3-5 working days after Kingston University confirms to the government that you have enrolled in-person.
  • You will receive your Kingston University ID card which is your library card, students' union membership and swipe-access card around the University.
  • If you are living in private accommodation, you can apply for a council tax exemption certificate (full-time students only).
  • If you are studying at our Kingston Hill campus, you can apply for a car parking permit (via our student website MyKingston, which you can access once you have enrolled).

* If you are studying a course taught at a partner institution (for example, Kingston College or St George's, University of London), your timetable will be provided by our partner - and will be unavailable on the Kingston University app.

How to enrol

Stage 1: Online enrolment

You will complete your online enrolment on OSIS, our applicant and student portal. Two new students using a computer to enrol.

You will be asked to complete an online form to provide information including:

  • Your personal details, including your named emergency contact
  • Your term time address. If you do not know your term time address because you will be living in our Halls of Residences, please do not worry about completing this part. Your term time address will be auto-populated once your room has been allocated
  • Disability declaration. This is so we can offer you the best support during your time at Kingston
  • How you intend to pay your course fees e.g. student loan
  • Any additional qualifications you have, but have not given to us, such as Functional Skills or a music qualification. We would particularly like you to upload any qualifications that carry additional UCAS points.

You will also be asked to read and agree to:

  • Our student regulations. This is the contract you are entering into with the University and it covers our student code of conduct that all students are required to sign up to. These regulations explain things such as your commitment to paying fees, your right to cancel your place and the timeframe you would need to do this within. You can also find our key contractual information and your rights to cancel explained at the bottom of this email
  • Our plans for teaching your course as a result of COVID-19. If you haven't already read these updates, you can find the information on the individual course pages on our website. You will be asked to confirm you have read and understood these changes.

Stage 2: Identity verification

After you have completed your online enrolment, a member of the enrolment team will check and verify your identity by checking your identity document against your uploaded ID card photo. Once we have completed this, we will confirm to you, by email, that your enrolment is complete. If there are any problems with your online enrolment, will we be in touch with you via email or phone to resolve this.

Acceptable forms of identity

UK and EU students can provide either:

One item from the following: passport; UK photographic driving license; Citizen Card or other form of identity with the Proof of Age Standards Scheme (PASS) approved hologram; Kingston University ID Card; EU Identity Photographic Card.


Two items from the following (which collectively should contain your date of birth and photographic ID): birth certificate; UK bank card; National Insurance card; National Health Service card; EU medical card (EHIC); SLC final assessment form/schedule of payments; original qualification certificates; Inland Revenue photographic registration card; UK FE/HE photographic student ID card; staff photographic ID card; international photographic driving licence.

Non-UK/EU nationals – original proof of identity

You must provide the original valid passport that you may have uploaded to OSIS earlier (if the Home Office is holding this, an official Home Office letter may be acceptable instead).

Studying at a partner institution

If you are studying a Kingston University course at a partner institution in a different location, the enrolment process is slightly different.

Stage 1: Online enrolment

You will need to complete Stage 1 enrolment in the same way as students taught at a Kingston University campus (see above).

Stage 2: Identity verification

Stage 2 enrolment will take place either remotely, without you being present, and/or at your place of study. 

Need more help?

  • If you experience any problems with your username and password visit our support page
  • If you have any technical difficulties using OSIS, you can log a help ticket via our servicedesk
  • For any problems updating your personal information, please email us at: enrol@kingston.ac.uk.

If you would like to speak to us regarding your enrolment, please do not hesitate to contact our dedicated hotline on 0800 048 2484 or +44 20 7206 4174 if you are calling from outside the UK.