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Security staff

Throughout the night, you can contact security staff in your hall reception. Security officers patrol the site regularly. They work closely with the duty management staff. In the event of a breach of policy or an emergency, you must follow any instructions a security officer issues.

Personal security

Good security practices are important in halls:

  • Hall doors and flat doors are self-closing and must never be propped open. You should close bedroom doors and ground floor windows when the room is unoccupied.
  • All residents must take care when answering the door. Do not let strangers in. Contact reception or security if you are unsure.
  • Please report all incidents involving security matters, including any suspicious people, to reception or security immediately.

The University accepts no responsibility for any loss of personal property – we strongly advise that you ensure your belongings are fully protected.


You are responsible for your hall keys. If you lose your keys, you must inform halls management or security immediately. They will arrange for your room to be secured by changing the lock. Although this has an associated cost, it is extremely important to ensure that you and your belongings are safe, as well as others in your flat.

Do not lend your keys to fellow residents or throw keys out of windows to give access to friends. (If you are found doing this we will ask you to attend a disciplinary meeting.) All charges for room keys are set at a standard cost; please ask hall management for details.

If you intend to be absent from your hall for any length of time, please speak to your reception about leaving your keys with them for safe-keeping.

If you have forgotten to take your keys with you when leaving your room or if your keys are left at reception, access to your room may not be immediate due to other priorities. If you have locked yourself out and left your keys in your room, we may charge you a small fee to gain access.


Please close windows when leaving, particularly in ground floor rooms. All windows must remain on the restrictor for safety reasons. We will take appropriate disciplinary action if the window restrictor in your room is tampered with; and will charge appropriately for any damage to windows.

Any person found entering a building through a window is considered to be embarking on a criminal act and may be referred to the police.