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Arriving at halls

Student life in halls

If you don't get a place in halls

When can I book a room?

If you have a Conditional Firm or Unconditional Firm offer of a place on a full-time course that lasts at least one year we will invite you to apply for halls by email - these will go out from June 2020. Please ensure UCAS / the University has your up-to-date personal email (not a college email or an agent's email address). If you haven't heard from us by 1 July, please contact us.

Am I guaranteed a place in halls?

We guarantee an offer of accommodation to all applicants who hold either a Conditional or Unconditional Firm Offer.

How do I book a room in halls?

Once you have a firm offer to study at Kingston University you will be able to log in to OSIS to book your room. Please note that the Accommodation Application process does not go live until June 2020. It is vital that we have your up-to-date email address (not a college email address or an agent's email address) as we will send information to you via email. If you change your email or home address please email with the new information. You will also need to advise UCAS.

I must have a room in halls as I have a disability

Please contact the disability advisers in the Student Life Centre on +44 (0)20 8417 7314 or email

My friend and I are coming to Kingston University together. Can we live together in the same flat?

You select your own room as part of the booking process so if you book at the same time and rooms are available you may be able to book a room in the same flat. Remember, our system allows you eight minutes to confirm your booking and during that time, no-one else can book a room in the same flat. 

I have been accepted through Clearing. Can I book a room in halls?

If rooms are available during Clearing we will publicise this on our website closer to the time. We advise you to consider other options, in case we don't have any available rooms.

I have chosen a room close to Penrhyn Road, but I study at Kingston Hill. Can I change my room?

Unfortunately we are unable to make any changes to student room bookings. Students choose their own rooms from those available at the time of booking. After 1 November it may be possible to swap rooms with another student subject to a £50 administration fee payable by each student. Please contact us once you have arrived.

If I defer my course until next year am I guaranteed accommodation?

We cannot guarantee a room for you in the following academic year. You will need to reapply at the time.

How long will my halls licence last?

Most undergraduate students will have a 40-week licence. This covers the length of your course and examinations plus the two short vacation periods and a period at the end of the academic year so you do not need to move out as soon as your exams have finished.

BA Education and PGCE Students will have a 42-week licence, and Nursing/Midwifery students will have a 50-week licence to take into account the longer teaching year of these courses. 

All postgraduate students will have a 50-week licence.

All licences for 75 Penrhyn Road are 50-week licences.

I am a January-start postgraduate student and my course will last longer than September. Can I extend my stay in halls?

Postgraduate students are able to stay in our halls up to the beginning of September (subject to availability). Please contact us for house-hunting advice.

I am a UK student. When can I arrive in halls?

Our official move-weekend for 2020/21 is Saturday 12th September 2020.

I am an international student. When can I arrive in halls?

International students can move into their room in halls of residence from their airport pickup day and you can select this as a part of your booking. Please see the following link for details on the airport pickup service

I am an international student. Will someone meet me at the airport?

Full details are on the international section of our website. If you are arriving outside of this date or to other airports you will need to organise your own transport.

What do I need to bring with me?

Please consult our welcome to halls section.

Do I need to take out insurance?

Student possessions insurance has been provided through Endsleigh for every student who is living at our Halls of residence for the 2020/21 academic year.

This covers a range of belongings in your room, including laptops, sports and electrical equipment, clothes and frozen food. This has been arranged by Kingston University at no extra cost to students.

You can download a copy of the insurance certificate for the 2020/21 academic year for your records. All claims will be handled directly by Endsleigh.

Need more cover?

Laptops, tablets and phones are not covered outside of your room so you may wish to consider taking out additional cover to protect your essential gadgets and other possessions. Endsleigh is proud to offer a 24-hour* laptop and phone replacement promise and is the only insurance provider recommended by NUS.

For claims information, or to extend your policy, visit the Endsleigh website.

Can my parents/family/friends stay with me when I first arrive?

We recommend that any guests stay in local hotels or B&B accommodation during arrival weekend as space is very limited. 

Can my parents/family/friends stay with me during the year?

Please contact halls management when you arrive regarding this request. Our licence conditions state:

  • "You are allowed one overnight guest (who must be over 18) for a maximum period of two consecutive nights in any one week, and for a maximum of six visits per term. You must make sure any overnight guest signs in to the hall. All other visitors must leave the hall or grounds before 12 midnight. For health and safety reasons you will only be allowed two student or non-student guests at any one time. You are responsible for the behaviour of your guests or visitors while they are on the premises, and you will have to pay us for any damage/loss they may cause. Guests or visitors are not permitted to enter or use the room or flat without you being present."

Do I have to arrive on the date stated in the letter?

You must arrive in time for your Welcome Week activities. You should receive details of this in mid-August. You must notify us of the date you wish to arrive if it is after the arrival date listed on your licence.

Can I arrive earlier?

With rooms being prepared for your arrival up to the last minute it is not possible to arrive earlier than the date stated.

Can I park my car at halls?

Car parking permits are available for all halls except 75 Penrhyn Road. Please contact the halls management when you arrive. You will need your car ownership and insurance documents. See further details in our welcome to halls section.

There is no parking at 75 Penrhyn Road.

Can I smoke anywhere in halls?

You cannot smoke in any building within the University. This includes your own study bedroom and the communal areas of the halls of residence.

What type of internet access will I have?

We have both WiFi and high-speed broadband internet access. Please consult the Information and Technology Services website for more information. You can obtain full details when you arrive.

I want to open a bank account. Can I have a letter stating where I live?

Once you have enrolled, visit a learning resources centre (LRC) or the Student Life Centre and request a "Bank Proof of Study Letter."  You will need to have updated your contact address on OSIS to your halls address and know the name and address of the bank branch where you want to open an account. 

I have not been able to book a place in halls. Where can I live?

We recommend you speak to a member of the accommodation team in the first instance as there may be rooms available in halls.

You might want to consider renting in the private sector. These properties can be houses, flats, lodgings or rooms in flat shares. You may have to take a 12-month tenancy. You'll usually need six weeks' rent as a deposit and a month's rent in advance.

Where do I start to look?

We advertise some properties through Kingston StudentPad. This include properties suitable for a group, rooms in student houses/flat shares and lodgings. This listing is available in the independent living section. Please complete the form under 'how will the University help?' to request access.

Please note that these properties are not managed or approved by Kingston University. The arrangement is between the student and the property owner.

The landlord must sign up to our recommended Code of Standards (PDF) and will have provided a Gas Safety Certificate.

I am a second- or third-year student and cannot find a room in the private sector. Can I stay in halls?

We prioritise applications for halls of residence to new students but, after the start of term, if there are rooms remaining we will advertise these on Kingston StudentPad.