Drug Discovery, Delivery and Patient Care Research Group

The Drug Discovery, Delivery and Patient Care (DDDPC) research group at Kingston University covers the areas of pharmacology, chemistry, drug discovery, delivery and development, pharmaceutical formulation, pharmaceutical analysis, nanotechnology and regulatory affairs.

The group's interdisciplinary research aims to improve quality of life by providing safe, effective, and innovative products and services. The research undertaken spans the diverse yet inter-connected areas of new drug and biological target discovery, pharmaceutical formulation and development of new drug delivery systems and patient care.

Many of the DDDPC group members have world-class expertise in the synthesis and biological screening of new chemical entities, identification of new biological / drug targets, development of promising new molecules into usable medicines, and monitoring how patients respond to such new medicines. The DDDPC group members are actively involved in national and international research collaboration; they work synergistically with charities, non-profit organisations, human and veterinary pharmaceutical, biotechnological, and nutraceutical industry.

Research themes

Our research is focused into three main themes, namely:

  1. Pharmacology, chemistry and drug discovery
    Fawaz AldabbaghNick Freestone, Francesca Arrigoni, Adam Le Gresley, Reem Kayyali, Helmout ModjtahediSianne Schwikkard, Dominikus HeiftDr Natividad Garrido Mesa
  2. Drug delivery, pharmaceutical analysis and regulatory affairs
    Dr Ali Athab Al-kinaniRaid Alany, James Barker, Stephen Barton, Gianpiero Calabrese, Amr Elshaer, John Fletcher, Richard Singer, Lori Snyder, Anil VangalaBaljit Kaur Thatti 
  3. m-Health, innovative technologies and patient care
    Reem Kayyali, Shereen Nabhani, Nada Philip, David Wertheim

Contact us

If you wish to contact the group please email the group leaders Raid Alany or Fawaz Aldabbagh.

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