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Noise and anti-social behaviour from privately managed student households

Where to complain

If you experience persistent noise problems with student households which are privately rented (ie not halls of residence or university-managed properties) the University has no legal power to intervene. It is important however that you follow this up as soon as any problems arise and you are advised to take the following steps:

1. Speak to your student neighbours directly and explain the impact the noise is having on you. Try to come to an agreement/compromise on managing the situation.

2. If the problem continues you should contact the landlord or letting agent responsible for managing the property. They will have a contract with the resident/s and can act on breaches of the tenancy agreement such as noise nuisance. They may also contact the resident/s' guarantors, which could be their parents.

3. If contacting the landlord or letting agent does not improve matters then you should contact the Council's environmental health department. This is the statutory authority for dealing with noisy neighbours. You can contact Kingston Council's Environmental Health department on 020 8547 5002 or by visiting their Environmental Health website.

4. If the disturbance is particularly serious or you are experiencing anti-social behaviour, you should call the Police Safer Neighbourhood Team on 0300 123 1212, or call 999 if there is a health and safety risk.

How we can help

Although the University cannot investigate complaints about student behavior in privately managed properties, we work closely with the police and/or environmental health to help their investigation. If, following their investigation, individual students are identified as being involved in noise complaints or anti-social behavior, then the University will take appropriate disciplinary action.

If you are unsure whether a property is managed by the University please contact our Headed Tenancy Department on 020 8417 7311 or email

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