Archived: Policies and regulations for Kingston University 2022/23

This page holds all our student-facing policies and regulations including those related to your academic experience and also your wider university life. Please note that these are our standard regulations and policies and so you should also refer to your programme documentation where any non-standard regulations will be explained.

On this page you will find policies and regulations for 2022/23

If you have any queries how any of these policies or regulations apply to you, you can seek advice from the Union of Kingston Students at or speak to your personal tutor or course leader.

If any employee or worker of the University wishes to report any concerns or issues with the implementation of any of the University's policies or regulations they should refer to the University's Whistleblowing Policy.

Accessible documents: Please contact the Information Centres (in each campus library) or the Union of Kingston Students' Advice Centre if you find any aspect of these regulations difficult to understand or if you need an accessible version.

Key student policies 2022/23

For a full list of student polices and regulations, please browse our academic and non-academic policies and regulations.

General Student regulations (GR1)

Condition of enrolment

All students should read, accept and agree to abide by the regulations outlined in GR1 as it forms a part of your contract with the University.

Student complaints (GR2)

We aim to provide excellent and supportive learning environments and high standards of service. While we don't expect things to go wrong, we accept that sometimes things do.

Let us know as soon as you can if you experience an issue.

Mitigating circumstances (AR5)

The University wishes to be fair to all its students and recognises that there may be significant factors that can have an adverse effect on students' performance in assessments.

Find out how we can support you.

Key policy and regulations changes

We regularly review our policies and regulations to make sure that these continue to be in the best interests of our students and continue to safeguard our academic standards.

Find out what has changed for 2022/2023.

Non-academic policies 2022/23


Corporate social responsibility


Gift acceptance

Human resources

Information regulations

Internal financial procedures



Reportable Events


Student life