Printmaking Studios

The Kingston School of Art ethos is to allow all students access to tools and methodologies past and present, enabling them to fully explore the medium by making. This is brilliantly demonstrated in the printmaking and letterpress workshop, with its various studio areas: 

  • Intaglio, including etching, drypoint and photo-etching.
  • Relief, including woodcut, linocut, monoprint and embossing. 
  • Letterpress and bookbinding in the newly-opened Noble Press. The workshop offers a good range of bookbinding tools, a collection of metal and wood type, a foil blocking press, two nipping presses and a range of presses from the XIX century to the 1960s.
  • Screenprinting including photographic, autographic, mono, hand-cut stencil and textile/material printing.
  • A2 Risograph duplicator with 11 available colour drums for volume printing on paper.

The workshops are also equipped with:

  • A versatile B1-size Milander offset flatbed with adjustable beds for diverse types of relief or photo-lithographic printing on paper or material.
  • A darkroom for UV photographic applications like Cyanotypes.
  • A Duplo DB-280 perfect binder and an EBA-720 paper guillotine.
  • An editing suite with two Epson large format inkjet printers for producing negatives/positives for a range of photographic printmaking applications.
  • A 30x50cm laser engraver dedicated to a wide range of printmaking applications, like embossing, relief printing, stencil-making and so on.

All facilities are supported by highly experienced and committed technicians, always willing to give guidance and help you to book a slot. Your health and safety within a creative environment is our priority and every process will require an induction prior to booking. The only exemption is screenprint and bookbinding (one-to-one service) but a technical briefing with a member of staff is a prerequisite.