Sponsorship and partnership packages

Associate your brand with our excellence

Kingston School of Art regularly organises high quality events such as art exhibitions and fashion shows. These outstanding performances and exhibitions attract people, publicity and prestige.

The events are open to sponsors who want to be associated with our positive values. Sponsors share the limelight and promote their brand side by side with the message of each event.

Prestige partnerships that work

The School has the people, the knowledge and the facilities to act as a creative production hub for other organisations. Its designers and artists will make enthusiastic partners in projects for your enterprise. We seek partners who have a demanding creative challenge to share with us.

What's the best way to welcome aboard talented graduates?

What's the best way to welcome aboard talented graduates?

Clifford Chance is a multinational law firm with an excellent reputation for its legal expertise. Its people are its product, so it aims to attract and retain the most talented graduates.

A high quality, designer hoodie to capture the spirit of the Clifford Chance brand

Clifford Chance's leaders wanted to welcome their 2015 intake of graduate recruits with a designer sweatshirt. They sponsored a competition for Kingston School of Art Fashion MA students to design the new hoodie. Entrants were asked to produce three ranges:

  • Concept range: The concept range would express the values of the Clifford Chance brand in a more adventurous way. These exciting designs would capture the imagination of young recruits.
  • Diffusion range: These design options would give Clifford Chance a marketable store-ready product.
  • Off the shelf : Clifford Chance could use this range to mass produce high quality hoodies at a low unit cost.

A versatile set of designs for Clifford Chance

Clifford Chance now has two sets of designs. Nikki Diep's design was voted as the best one to engage new graduate recruits with the Clifford Chance brand in its 2015/16 Graduate Marketing Campaign.

Marjade Roniet's designs were used for a new line of fashionable branded products available to the entire Clifford Chance workforce.

Kingston School of Art seeks similar sponsored programmes that will share students' creative expertise with business.

Connecting Kingston School of Art with the commercial design world

Connecting Kingston School of Art with the commercial design world

Kingston School of Art is widely recognised as one the UK's leading schools for art and design. The school has many partners in the world of fashion and design who directly contribute to student's learning. Many visit the school as consultants and lecturers. Some sit firmly on both stools: education and industry. Meet Matthew Hilton.

World class furniture design

Graduate Matthew Hilton is one of the country's most successful furniture designers. His work is displayed in both the V&A and the Geffrye Museums.

Three decades of furniture innovation

Over the last 30 years, Hilton has designed furniture for many leading furniture manufacturers including Ercol, Case, XO and John Lewis. His ideas certainly succeed commercially. His iconic Balzac Chair and matching footstool and the acclaimed Cross Extension Table sell for thousands of pounds. Other notable achievements include his Flipper and Antelope table, the Kimble Windsor chair and Different Trains cabinet.

Speaker and partner

Hilton says he has never forgotten the visiting lecturers who helped him when he was studying at Kingston School of Art. He speaks regularly at Kingston School of Art, inspiring the next generation.

Kingston School of Art runs a regular programme of visiting lectures in all its disciplines. We are keen to hear from leading industry practitioners who would like to share their insights with students.

Four Sight: Dressing Channel 4's Logo

Channel 4 wanted to revitalise the 'Big 4' iconic landmark structure outside its headquarters. The channel sponsored a competition inviting recent graduates of art and design degree courses, to come up with "a fun, playful design to inspire and entertain passers-by, visitors and C4 staff".

Time to breathe

Fashion graduate Hannah Gourlay won the competition with her design 'Time to Breathe'. Each section of the giant 4's 50 foot steel skeleton was covered with fabric which was gently inflated and deflated so it looked as though it was softly breathing. At night it was lit from within to create a gentle glow that slowly lightened and darkened in time with the 'breaths'.

Partnership working

Hannah worked in partnership to realise her winning entry. Collaboration with Architen Landrell resulted in identifying fabrics that would withstand the 15-month installation – including a material normally used to coat the mattresses in hospital beds. Hannah also collaborated on the build with engineers Atelier One and constructors FreeState, as well as graduate, Dave Hallett who filmed the project.

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