Register is a research group founded on a shared interest in how our cities and landscapes act as a register of human occupation and thinking over time – at once a laboratory and an archive.

We are interested in the motivations, the readings and the implications which arise from these constructed habitats. We are interested in the contingency, doubt and joy of practice – and in the forms of knowledge that are found there. We acknowledge the historical false narrowness of our discipline and are continually reinvigorated by territorial readings of space and inhabitation that expand our understanding of the world. We are fascinated by how things are made, and the consequences of this making – seeing in the contemporary moment an opportunity for a remaking of architectural language.

Our researchers design, write, speculate and make. Many have been exhibited at the Venice Biennale, have published seminal books, and have been awarded major international honours for their work in practice. We act as an incubator of this knowledge and a platform for its articulation and dissemination. We organise lectures and PhD seminars, record podcasts and publish books that allow for the fullest articulation of these aspects to our wider community and into the taught programmes of the department of architecture and landscape.

Contact details

For more information, contact Prof Andrew Clancy.

Banner image credit: Dulwich Pavilion by Register members Alex Gore and Dingle Price (Pricegore architects) in collaboration with Yinka Ilori.