Race/Gender Matters

Race/Gender Matters is a research cluster that captures and concentrates research on theoretical, critical and creative engagements with race, gender and language. R/GM emerges from our shared recognition that a strong and substantial core of our research coalesces around 'new materialism,' broadly defined as the reintroduction of matter (against poststructuralism and historicism) into critical theory and applied methodologies which destabilise notions of subject and object, human and nature, self and world, and which emphasise difference and contingency as conditions of lived experience.

Members of R/GM seek to:

  • develop materialist theory;
  • expand its methodological applications to studies of language, literature, poetics, religion and environment; and
  • explore its political and ethical dimensions in new configurations of gender and race. 


On 29 June 2017 Kingston University launched the Race/Gender Matters research cluster with a symposium event.  With keynotes from Arun Saldanha (University of Minnesota) and Prof. Felicity Coleman (Kingston University), as well as performances from the LGBTQI breakdancing poet, Azara Meghie, and trans poet, Travis Alabanza, the event demonstrated the diverse range of research interests incorporated in this new cluster.

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