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Centre for Research Through Design

Researching through making: Centre for Research Through Design

The Centre addresses research questions using design process.  It is a new, dynamic and creative environment, integrating theory and practice.

Here, we investigate design being used to address societal issues and challenges. We are particularly interested in designers going into new territories, such as sustainability, healthcare or place-making, and new audiences for design, such as healthcare and the third sector.

The Centre for Research Through Design works across four thematic areas:

Living Well

Designing for the body to support care, rehabilitation and positive life experience.

Inclusive Communities

Designing to promote inclusivity and social sustainability, and providing for those with specific needs.

Engaging Places

Designing as site-specific practice relating directly to its audiences.

Archive Construction

Designing to explore identity, and the material expression and transformation of meaning.

Professor Daniel Charny worked closely with the Design Museum over a number of years to create the themes and overall narrative structure of Designer Maker User.

Charny was appointed content and interpretation consultant and developed the curatorial concept and the thematic strategy for the permanent Collection Display. The exhibition was curated by Alex Newson, senior curator at The Design Museum and the exhibition design is by Myerscough Studios.

Designer Maker User. Image credit: Luke Hayes
Banner image: Professor Daniel Charny was invited to participate in the ‘Brave Fixed World' Exhibition within Lodz Design Festival, October 2014. Fixperts and the Maker Library Network joined forces to pilot Fixhub, a combined makespace, library and gallery. Image credit: Lodz Design Festival
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