Research projects

Centre for Research Through Design Projects

Here is a selection of projects within our four thematic areas of research.

Living Well

Research here goes beyond fashion and interrogates wearability and bodily experience in the broadest terms. Marloes ten Bhomer researches the cultural work done by women's shoes, and Jane Webster is investigating props to aid renal treatment.

Inclusive Communities

Professor Daniel Charny, Dr Anke Jakob, Jack Champ and Sarah Johnson are variously addressing individual and collective wellbeing. By considering individuals' present needs we can reflect on collective future challenges, as well as addressing currently under-served audiences.

Engaging Places

Design as a situated practice responds more effectively to its specific contexts. Leah Fusco uses location-based illustration, and Cathy Gale continues to explore the potentialities of a student-led Alternative Art School.

Archive Construction

Design is primarily about narrative, with objects informing the development of story. Professor Iain R Webb explores his own unique archive to explore changes in reporting and presenting fashion in our image-led culture. Carl Clerkin designs exhibitions which introduce mythical histories, supported by made objects.

Centre for Research Through Design Projects
Jack Champ's prototype Creative Recovery toolkit, for use by people on a recovery journey from alcohol abuse. Image credit: Jack Champ