Exhibitions, conferences and events

Our Practice Our Methods

May, June, July 2021, Kingston University

Our Practice Our Methods is a series of showcase and round-table events focused around practice-based and design research with the aim to celebrate the diverse and dynamic methods, processes and outputs of the faculty, staff, students and wider Kingston community.


  • The One in Question looks at diverse strategies for social engagement and co-authorship, with the aim to question our position in relation to who has the right to design and research: For whom? With whom? About whom?
  • The Dot on the Monkey's Face looks at how complex understandings of ‘the human' and ‘the body' in practice research can be harmonious to explicitly communicated systematic means of discovering.
  • Knowledge in Action looks at socio- political agency of design and practice research.

Desert Island Researchers

2019–20, Kingston University

Desert Island Researchers events aimed to promote inter-disciplinary research discussions. The event comprised of a series of short research presentations followed by two audio-visual research interviews in the style of Desert Island Discs (BBC radio 4). Followed by critical discussions on format, content, and future speakers.

Research Conversations

2018–19, Kingston University

Research Conversations was a design research seminar series that took place in the academic year 2018-2019. The series aimed to bring together research staff and students to generate discussions about research through design. There were two presentations per seminar, followed by questions and discussion.


21 – 23 September 2017, Old Spitalfields Market, London

Manufactory took place during London Design Festival 2017. It saw designers turn stalls into live making spaces, and transform materials and stories integral to the market into new types of produce. The event explored four broad research agendas:

  • Engaging local communities in making alternative futures
  • Prototyping new models of enterprise for a historic urban market
  • Using local assets and needs to remake a place and its identity
  • Exploring what an urban market can be in the 21st century

Marking Domains

7 April 2017, Institute of Contemporary Arts

Marking Domains was a one-day conference exploring illustration and narrative art as a domain.

It asked, "Where is home for illustration and the narrative image?", contrasting illustration in the internal, domestic place of ‘home' with the external, public space of the ‘street'. Leading illustration practitioners and educators examined illustration as a visual form of increasing cultural and social significance.

Alternative Art School

2 November 2016, Kingston University

This one-day symposium brought together students and tutors from several colleges to collectively respond to the question: "What's so alternative about art school?"

The event explored long-standing traditions of risk and rebellion, interrogating the value of Art School as place, concept and transformative process.