Research outputs

Here is a selection of recent research outputs from the Centre for Research Through Design.

Dr Anke Jakob's work on design for dementia care

Dr Anke Jakob presented her work on design for dementia care at two leading international design research conferences: ‘REDO' - the Cumulus conference in Denmark; and ‘Design + Power' – the Nordic Design Research Conference in Norway.

Professor Daniel Charny devised the curatorial strategy for ‘Designer Maker User', the new permanent exhibition at the relaunched Design Museum in London which presents the museum's collection to look at the development of modern design through these three interconnected roles.

Professor Daniel Charny worked closely with the Design Museum over a number of years to create the themes and overall narrative structure of Designer Maker User. Charny was appointed content and interpretation consultant and developed the curatorial concept and the thematic strategy for the permanent Collection Display. The exhibition was curated by Alex Newson, Senior Curator at the Design Museum and the exhibition Design is by Myerscough Studios.

Professor Daniel Charny - Designer Maker User. Image credit: Luke Hayes
Marloes ten Bohmer - Pressure mat testing and White Prototypes. Image courtesy: Stanley Picker Gallery

Marloes ten Bhömer presented two projects at ‘Everything and Everybody as Material: Beyond Fashion Design Methods Conference' in Sweden: ‘Research as Object – Towards Material and Cultural Investigation', and ‘Breaking the Script - Fashion Critiques and Conversations.'

Carl Clerkin was designer-curator of ‘The Learned Society of Extra-Ordinary Objects', a design exhibition at Somerset House, London, 5 July – 3 September 2017. Thirty contemporary designers, artists and makers were invited to become the new, 21st century fellows of the Society, and create or contribute ordinary objects with extra-ordinary stories, or suggest playful and surprising modifications to familiar objects – reimagining our interaction with items we encounter in our everyday lives.

Carl Clerkin - "The Learned Society of Extra-Ordinary Objects". Image credit: Somerset House