Researchers and research students


Visiting Professors and Associate Researchers

  • Professor Caryn Franklin
  • Dr Ninela Ivanova

Research students

Current PhD students

  • Chalaris Konstantinos – How can experiential design enable big brands to become agents towards an environmentally, socially and commercially sustainable economy?
  • Alessandra Fasoli – Craft in Makerspaces: The Potential for Social Change for Sustainability
  • Maria Fernandez Marinovic – Designing a product-service systems' framework for sustainable consumption of children's products
  • Ajay Hothi – Towards a new language of support: How can communication design strategies shape identities of football clubs and their fanbases?
  • Laura Copsey – Illustration and Well-being:Therapeutic Landscapes
  • Jiahao Ji – Reframing metaphors for depression experience: Can the co-creation of graphic narrative and visual metaphor support patients' self-perception and care?
  • Jeiyei Sun – Aesthetic of Immanence of the Virtual Jewellery in Digitised Virtual World. Subtitle: Exploring the definition of virtual jewellery and the methods in creation by artistic practice
  • Katherine Soucie – M.E.N.D - Regenerative Upcycling of Waste Hosiery through Material Activism
  • Yuyang Tian – The realisation method of the inheritance of rural culture.
  • Geoff Grandfield – A Blank Child: the visualisation of absence through the lens of adoption
  • Shai Akram – Re-mixing the relationship between globalised industry and vernacular craft towards a hybrid-creative economy
  • Jack Champ – Addressing alcohol misuse in the public realm: developing design led interventions to increase support uptake and reduce anti-social behaviour
  • Sarah Johnson – Narrative in the Design of the Children's Picture Book Designing Transformative Learning Tools to Propagate Sustainability Literacy in Middle Childhood
  • Ye ni Kim – Sketching a Poem and Reading Aloud: Illuminating Hidden Voices Through Visual Poetry and Illustration Practice
  • Mylene Petermann – Discursive artefacts: the role of critical and speculative design practices in explorations of the near future of emerging technologies
  • Matthew Richardson – I underline the things you should keep: The visual adaptation of the J.G. Ballard Archive – Illustration Practice
  • Hannah Rollings – Woodland Stewards of the Future: Exploring the Role of the Interactive – Illustration Practice
  • Purva Tavri – Investigating organisational behaviour change towards waste reuse in the UK

Current MA research students

  • Keijan Liu – 3D animation character development _ Reimagining villains: the transformation of the Chinese mythological creatures, the four fierce beasts, into human characters based on the authors' lived experience
  • Simran Gupte – Female Intersubjectivity & Domestic Spaces In Cinema – How Does Contemporary Arthouse Cinema Visually Depict Female Intersubjectivities?

Current MPhil students

  • Arpit Kaur Bhatia – Sustainability as A Means of Decolonizing Fashion in India
  • Fei Tang – Social anxiety in the post-Covid-19 era: empathy environment of biography comics narrative on Chinese and Taiwanese students abroad

Completed research students

  • Mireille Fauchon – Facilitator, Interpreter & Archivist: Generating Vernacular Histories Through Participatory – Illustration Practice
  • Leah Fusco – Reclaiming Lost Histories in Transient Landscapes – Illustration Practice
  • Mark Ballance – Issues affecting Artisan Micro-Enterprises in Underdeveloped Countries: A Zimbabwean Case Study (MA by Research)
  • Bo Ban – The potential of incorporating travel habits and behaviour in modelling carbon emissions in the transport system to help build a low carbon future (PhD)
  • Charlotte Coetzee – Exploring Linkages Between the Retail Sector and Base of the Pyramid Craft Activities in South Africa: Branding and Marketing as an Agent of Success (MA by Research)
  • Kevin Dowd – Deconstructing politico-visual communication - Conservative Party billboard poster (PhD)
  • Pablo Helguera – The Speech Acts of Contemporary Art: Social and Pedagogical Scripts (PhD by Publication)
  • Rosie Hornbuckle – Design and the Material Cycle: An investigation into secondary material use in design practice (PhD)
  • Ninela Ivanova – The T-Probe: A fashion-led approach to advance understanding of novel and challenging material concepts and sensory experiences (PhD)
  • Emily King – New Faces: type design in the first decade of device-independent digital typesetting (1987-1997) (PhD)
  • Lucia Lu – The design of community buildings and landscapes as sustainability learning spaces that encourage sustainable behaviour (MA by Research)
  • Miles Park – Product Life: Designing for longer lifespans (PhD)
  • Regina Peldzus – Environmental design for long-duration space craft & station interiors (PhD)
  • Emma Powell – Selected contemporary creators' use of rejectamenta; an exploration of context (location, selection and collation) (PhD)
  • James Self – Investigating the process of digital design development where there is a reduction of sensory information (PhD)
  • Annie Sherburne – The Ecological Thread: An examination of sustainable lifecycle and reuse strategies, for textile and fashion designers (MA by Research)
  • Maiko Tsutsumi – The Poetic of Everyday Objects: A theoretical and practical investigation into the materiality and embodiment of meaning in designed objects, with special reference to furniture and product design practice after 1988 (PhD)
  • Gareth Williams – Towards a Theory of Performative Design. Writing about Design and Designers since 1990 (PhD by Publication)