Dr Dejan Ljubojevic


I am a senior lecturer in education and a course leader on the PGCert Learning and Teaching in Higher Education (Online) and PGCert Research Methodology (Online). 

I have been at Kingston University since September 2013. I bring more than a decade of research in technology-enhanced learning (TEL) and learning design applied to the practical arena of 'front-line' and online teaching. I hold a PhD (2006) in the field of learning technology and I have contributed to two prominent TEL projects to date.

My teaching experience is quite diverse, and I taught, in a number of roles, in both UK and Swedish institutions (London Metropolitan University; London South Bank University; Institute of Education, University College London; and Linnaeus University). I have taught online and face-to-face at both undergraduate level (including learning technology, multimedia games design and video production), and at postgraduate level (including learning design and social media technology, and the supervision of masters theses).

Academic responsibilities

Senior Lecturer


  • PhD
  • BSci
  • FHEA

Teaching and learning


My primary research interest lies in learning design. The theoretical ambition I am pursuing is best described as applied memetics – through my continuing work in learning design, building on the idea of pedagogical patterns as memes, where the evolution of good teaching practice is to be bootstrapped by the tools and models of practice that are conducive to unhindered and seamless sharing and reuse of good teaching ideas. My current research is informed by my previous participation in two influential research projects:

  • The Generative Learning Object project, led by Professor Tom Boyle and funded by HEFCE. During my time at the Learning Technology Research Institute 2004–08, I worked as a researcher and a developer on the project, developing the concept of the Generative Learning Object. I was the principle developer of the Generative Learning Object Maker v1.
  • Learning Design Support Environment Project led by Professor Diana Laurillard. From 2008 to 2012 I worked as a research fellow at London Knowledge Lab, Institute of Education, on the four-year ESRC-/EPSRC-funded project. The learning design software tool called Pedagogical Pattern Collector (PPC), which I developed during this time, has become a part of the cannon of learning design tools. The PPC has been trialled nationally and internationally and has been received very well by researchers and the lecturers alike – there is even a Traditional Chinese language version of the PPC at the Hong Kong University.


Number of items: 26.


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Book Section

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Conference or Workshop Item

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