Dr Jennifer Egbunike


Jennifer leads the delivery of Implementation and Improvement Science (IIS), Research Methods/Data Analysis and (Capstone) Project modules on the Postgraduate Clinical Leadership and Management Programme- working across both our Kingston Hill and St George's University sites. She also contributes to the development and strategic direction of the university's academic activities and policies through working as the current Faculty Representative on the University Senate/Academic Committee and  as Deputy Lead of The Faculty Research Ethics Committee.

She has over 17 years of work experience in academic research, evaluation, teaching  and project consulting spanning fields like public health policy, health services as well as implementation science. Her expertise is in the use of both qualitative and quantitative methods, with experience gained from working across various academic institutions as well as private sector consulting firms in the UK and in Africa. Her work experience encapsulates policy analysis and evaluation of implementation involving: project execution, management and monitoring for, and on behalf of UK NHS organisations, commissioned by the Welsh Government, Department of Health, NIHR, CQC, UK charities and other private organisations to implement core research and evaluate programmes and services across various healthcare specialties. Her experience to date spans the following specialties: Primary Care, Emergency and Unscheduled Care, various Community Health Services (including Mental Health), Seldom Heard and Hard-to-reach user groups, Children's Services, Outpatients and Acute Care settings.

Since 2010, she has been involved in research funded by The Health Foundation- exploring Healthcare Policy, Management and Organisational issues. Her PhD subsequently explored strategic intentions and organisational adaptations (through learning and diffusion of innovations within networks, communities of practice and collaboratives) aimed at knowledge transfer and implementation in complex healthcare settings.

Academic responsibilities

Senior Lecturer (Health Policy and Organisational Studies), Faculty Representative- University Senate/Academic Council, Deputy Lead- Faculty Research Ethics Committee


  • PhD in Health- Policy and Organisational Studies
  • MSc. Public Health
  • PGCert- Learning and Teaching in Higher Education (Distinction)
  • BSc. Biochemistry (Oncology Major)
  • Fellow- Royal Society for Public Health
  • Senior Fellow- UK Higher Education Academy
  • Good Clinical Practice- Ethical and Scientific Standards in Clinical Research (NIHR CRN Workforce Development)
  • Prince 2- Practitioner

Teaching and learning

Jennifer's commitment and expertise in the teaching of research methods and pedagogy have underpinned her professional identity and practice in higher education. Having undergone rigorous training in the concepts of learning and teaching in higher education, she has developed a portfolio over the years through leading and teaching various health related modules as well as supervising students at the postgraduate level in their use of research designs and methods for projects in various fields of health and social care. She has also been involved in the re-development of modules for validation exercises. 

Over the last four years Jennifer has worked to lead, develop and improve the teaching and delivery of research methods on the Clinical Leadership and Management Programme. She has worked collaboratively with colleagues; bringing together in synergy, our collective expertise in teaching and application of research methods for project implementation. As a result, student experience of learning and our teaching of the subject has greatly improved! We continue to learn new ways of developing and improving our craft in teaching and learning. 

Qualifications and expertise

  • PGCertLTHE (Distinction)
  • Senior Fellow- Higher Education Academy
  • Expertise in teaching:
  • Research Methods
  • Health Policy and Quality Improvement Principles
  • Epidemiology and Public Health

Postgraduate courses taught


Jennifer's initial exposure to research and teaching was in working as a Postgraduate Tutor and Research Assistant in Oxford in 2004. In 2005, she took up a role as Research Officer with Cardiff University (Department of Population Medicine). As an early career researcher, she received various awards to support her research and dissemination in the field of Health Policy. One of these was achieved through leadership of a successful collaborative grant application (between Cardiff and Swansea Universities) to the Welsh Government Office of Research in 2007. She went on to work in Healthcare/Services Consulting in Oxford before returning to Cardiff University as part of a specialist evaluation team working with experts from the Institute of Healthcare Improvement (IHI) on a UK wide project funded by The Health Foundation. Following that, she has been involved in co-ordinating and supporting the implementation of various research projects including an NIHR funded cross-national evaluation project on collaborative care planning in mental health settings.

She received (competitive international level) funding from the University of Bath for her PhD study. The project which was sponsored by The Health Foundation explored: Strategic Intentions and Organisational Adaptations to a Non-mandated Professional Network Facilitating Knowledge-to-Practice in Healthcare Settings. Outputs from her study have been presented at various national and international conferences.

Jennifer maintains an interest in the interface between health policy, service delivery, organisation and management of health care. She is particularly drawn to projects that involve complex, nested systems and adaptation with continuous collaboration on research projects both within and outside the University.

Qualifications and expertise

  • Proposal Development and Grant Writing
  • Quantitative Research Methods
  • Qualitative Research Methods

Areas of specialism

  • Public Health
  • Research Methods and Data Analytics
  • Healthcare Organisational Studies
  • Health and related care Policy Analysis/Evaluation
  • Health Services Research

Scholarly affiliations

  • Institute of Policy Research
  • Prime Centre Wales
  • Royal Society for Public Health
  • Reviewer -BMC Health Services Research


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Professional practice, knowledge exchange and impact

Jennifer continues to undertake external facing roles in line with her professional practice, as a representative of Kingston University in forums of knowledge exchange and impact. In the last three years, she has worked with:

-The UK Cabinet Office Open Innovation Team (2017)

- The Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology (Ongoing)

Qualifications and expertise

  • Public Health
  • Health Policy and Implementation Analysis/Evaluation
  • Data Analytics and Forecasting
  • Innovation in Health

Professional and scholarly affiliations

  • Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH)
  • Institute of Policy Research (IPR)
  • UK Higher Education Academy (HEA)

Leadership and management

University responsibilities

  • Faculty Representative- Kingston University Senate/Academic Committee
  • Deputy Lead- Faculty Research Ethics Committee
  • Member- Faculty Athena SWAN Application- 2 Working Groups (For data collection and advancing womens' careers)

Public and CIVIC roles

  • Expert representative - Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology (POST)