Dr Joshua Omer


I am the departmental Exams and Assessment Tutor and have over 30 years of experience in lecturing and professional practice, having worked for various establishments in the UK and overseas. I am a previous recipient of:(a) a Royal Society Industry Fellowship, (b) an Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) Research and Development award, (c) the David Douglas Prize and Lecture, awarded by the South Wales Institute of Engineers, UK, and (d) an Association of Commonwealth Universities doctoral scholarship funded by the UK Government. 

I am currently: (1) a visiting Scholar at Covenant University, Nigeria, (2) member of the Pearson BTEC HE/FE Panel for Construction (curriculum development). I serve in the editorial boards of 2 journals: (a) the Journal of Geo-engineering Case studies of the International Society of Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering (ISSMGE), and (b) the Journal of Geological Resource & Engineering published by David Ross. I am a member of: (i) the Deep Foundations Institute (DFI) Technical Committee on Drilled Shafts, and (ii) the British Geotechnical Association (BGA), which I represent in the ISSMGE Technical Committees TC107 and TC212. I am also a recent external examiner for the University of Nairobi, Kenya, with responsibility for both undergraduate and postgraduate Civil Engineering courses.

I have authored circa 50 publications in journals and conferences. I have supervised several PhD students, served as independent Chair in PhD viva exams and external examiner for PhD and MPhil/MRes research degrees in UK and overseas universities. I have also served as a book reviewer for CRC Press-Taylor Francis and as peer reviewer for various journals including the ICE Geotechnique, Canadian Geotechnical Journal, ICE Proceedings, Applied Clay Science Journal, Journal of Adhesion, Journal Geotechnical and Geological Engineering.

I collaborate with researchers and engineers from the UK, USA, Canada, UAE, Spain, India, China, and Nigeria in scholarly activities.

Academic responsibilities

Senior lecturer in Geotechnical Engineering


  • PhD in Geotechnical Engineering
  • MSc in Structural Engineering
  • BSc (1st Class honours) in Civil Engineering
  • Individual member of the Deep Foundations Institute (DFI), USA
  • Member of the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE), UK
  • Member of the British Geotechnical Association of ICE

Teaching and learning

CE4011 - Fluid and Soil Mechanics 

CE5011 - Geotechnical Engineering 1 and Hydraulics

CE6014 - Individual Project and Research Methods

CE6611 - Structural Engineering 2 and Geotechnical Engineering 2

CE7111 - Seismic Design of Structures and Substructures

CE7113 - Sustainable Construction and Substructure Design

CE7116 - Technical Dissertation

FX3002 - Project based Learning (Level 3)

Undergraduate courses taught

Postgraduate courses taught


  • Soil mechanics; collapsible soils, lateritic and rheological models
  • Ground investigation and data interpretation
  • Dewatering and settlement analysis
  • Piling engineering, drilling and support fluids
  • 2D and 3D finite element analysis in geotechnical engineering
  • High speed rail tunnels and underground collectors
  • Eurocode 7 design concepts and procedures
  • Highway pavement engineering, design and materials


Number of items: 47.


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Conference or Workshop Item

Omer, Joshua (2023) An experimental study of lattice-shaped diaphragm walls with various chamber numbers and installed in soft soil. In: 4th International Conference on Seismic Design and Analysis of Structures and Foundations (SeismiCON 2023); 14 Jun 2023, Online. (Unpublished)

Omer, Joshua (2023) Effects of energy loops on the geotechnical performance of geothermal energy piles. In: SuperPile '23: Piling Design and Construction Conference; 07-09 Jun 2023, Georgia, U.S.. (Unpublished)

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Omer, Joshua (2020) Effects of rainfall on the stability of lateritic soils (Reinforced Red Coffee Soils – RCS). In: Pre-conference Workshop on "Laterites and Other Tropical Soils" - National Conference on "Geotechnics and Concrete Structures (GeoCon 2020); 25 Aug 2020, Thiruvananthapuram, India (Held online). (Unpublished)

Omer, Joshua (2019) Use of artificial neural networks and CPT data to assess influence zone around pile base. In: Third Dr. Victor de Mello Goa Lecture and ISSMGE TC107 Symposium on Laterites and Lateritic Soils; 20 - 21 Sep 2019, Goa, India. (Unpublished)

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Omer, Joshua (2007) Modelling and analysis of an elastic compound strut in axial compression. In: World Congress on Engineering 2007; 02-04 July 2007, London, U.K..

Omer, J. R., Delpak, R. and Robinson, R. B. (2002) Semi-analytical solutions for vertically loaded piles in clay/weak rocks. In: 8th International Symposium NUMOG VIII; 10-12 Apr 2002, Rome, Italy. ISBN 9789058093592


Omer, J. R. (1998) Numerical analysis of pile test data from instrumented large diameter bored piles formed in Keuper marl (Mercia mudstone). (PhD thesis), University of Glamorgan, .

Omer, Joshua Ramogi (1992) Structural strength and performance of cement-stabilised murram. (Other thesis), University of Nairobi, .

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Business, knowledge transfer and international

I am a Co-Investigator in a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) project, funded by UKRI in July 2023, and led by a colleague Dr Hasan Haroglu. The project is about the development and use of artificial intelligence in building and construction industry.

Since Oct 2023, I am a member of the International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering, Switzerland (IABSE) Task Group on Well foundations, with responsibility for developing industry guidance on design and reuse of caisson foundations. I am also a member of the HE Panel for Construction in Pearson Group publishers, where I review  development documents for a new qualification BTEC AAQ in Construction.

I recently received of $1,500 from the Deep Foundations Institute (DFI, USA) to deliver a lecture at the SuperPile conference in Atlanta, USA, 7th-9th July 2023. The presentation was entitled " Effects of Energy Loops on the Geotechnical Performance of Geothermal Energy Piles".

Qualifications and PROFESSIONAL expertise

  • Member of the Deep Foundations Institute, USA
  • Member of the Institution of Civil Engineers, UK

Areas of interest

  • Geotechnical Engineering and Foundations
  • Highway Engineering
  • Numerical analysis
  • Field testing and monitoring of substructures

Industry links

  • Galliford Try, UK
  • Asranet, UK
  • Deep Foundations Institute, USA

Professional practice, knowledge exchange and impact

I have recently delivered two external CPD courses to practising engineers: (1) "Design of foundations for on-shore wind turbine structures" 6th-7th July 2023 and (2) Design of foundations for off-shore wind turbines, 21st-22nd Nov 2023. Both courses were organised by Asranet Ltd (UK), a maritime company for courses, conferences and research.

I have recently (March 2022) served as an external subconsultant for AMA Consulting Engineers (Nairobi, Kenya), where I was responsible for reviewing the Geotechnical Investigation Report and making recommendations for the geotechnical design and construction of the A2 dual carriageway (36 km) between Sagana and Marua towns in central Kenya.

I have also recently (2019) been involved with the joint EFFC-DFI (European Federation of Foundation Contractors and the Deep Foundation Institute) in developing a new design guide for the use of Support Fluids in deep foundation construction.

Qualifications and expertise

  • Civil Engineer, 30 years experience in academia and consultancy

Professional and scholarly affiliations

  • British Geotechnical Association (BGA), UK
  • Deep Foundations Institute (DFI), USA
  • Institution of Civil Engineers, UK

Leadership and management

As the department's Examinations and Assessment Tutor,  I am responsible for a positive student experience. My functions are:

(a) monitoring the assessment schedule for all modules, to avoid bunching of coursework submission deadlines.

(b) working with the Head of Department (HoD) and the School Director of Learning and Teaching (SDLT) in the implementation of the School's assessment policies.

(c) monitoring the timely release of marks and feedback to students.

(d) liaising with external examiners, allocating modules to them and preparing their schedules of work.

(e) working with module leaders to ensure that materials for moderation are availed to external examiners promptly.

(f) obtaining module summary reports from external examiners 

(g) monitoring of setting of camera-ready examination papers and internal moderation.

(h) collating coursework performance data in all modules, for discussion with HoD and course leaders (CL) regarding key performance indices and retention/ progression metrics.

(j) chairing academic misconduct hearings, and reviewing mitigating circumstances regulations.

(k) managing the reassessment process and support given to students, to maximise progression.