Dr Martin Rooke


I am an interdisciplinary public health sociologist with strong mixed methods research skills. My research background has incorporated corpus building strategies, documentary analysis, constructivist interviews and interpretivist observations. My academic background focuses on the role of technology in changing social organisation around healthcare issues. 

Academic responsibilities

Research Associate


  • PhD in Sociology - Health Risk Communication
  • MSc - Research Methods
  • BSc - Biomedical Science

Teaching and learning

I have previously taught across disciplines at several higher education setting. My areas of teaching include: Public policyCriminologyResearch MethodsHealthcare ScienceBiomedical ScienceEnvironmental Health Science

Additionally, I have been a special needs coordinator at a London secondary school, and taught A Level Psychology in Essex.


My primary research area focuses on the impact of technology to re-orientate social organisation around health risks. One aspect focuses on how monitoring technologies are used to direct decision-making at institutional levels. Another aspect focuses on how concepts of hyperreality organises public understanding of health risks.  


Rooke, M., 2021. (In press) Alternative media framing of COVID-19 risks. Current Sociology. 

Rooke, M. and Burgess, A., 2021. Mapping and characterising changes to risk amplification within the British Press: 1985–2017. Journal of Risk Research, pp.1-14.