Dr Mauro Pucheta


I am a Lecturer in Law at Kingston University. Before joining Kingston, I was a Lecturer in EU law , Employment law, and Commercial Law at the University of Gloucestershire (2017-2019). Previously, I taught EU Law tutorials at the University of Nottingham and Nottingham Trent International College. I was also a teaching assistant in EU Labour law at the Université Paris 1-Sorbonne (2012), and teaching assistant in Argentine Labour law the Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, Argentina (2007-2009).

I have undertaken research in employment law, EU law, and regional integration with particular interest in Latin America.  I am a member of the Employment Law and Policy Research Group at Kingston University.

Academic responsibilities

Lecturer in Law


  • PhD in Law, University of Nottingham (2019)
  • LL.M. in Labour Law (Master 1-2 Droit Social), Université Paris 1-Sorbonne (2011)
  • Postgraduate Degree in Employment Law, Universidad Nacional del Litoral, Argentina (2009)
  • Postgraduate Degree in European Law, Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha, Spain (2008)
  • LL.B. in Law, Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, Argentina (2006)


My main research interest remains in the field of labour law and regional integration, with a special focus on the EU and Latin American integration projects such as Mercosur and the Pacific Alliance.

My future research is to build on the foundations of my PhD and to investigate and compare the roles of fundamental labour rights in the EU with their Latin American counterparts, particularly in Mercosur. It also explores how neoliberal policies in the 21st century have shaped labor laws in South America. My future research also seeks to focus on labour regulations and the Global South, with particular focus on the impact of digital platforms and automation.

Research student supervision