Dr Nevena Nancheva


I obtained my PhD from the University of Westminster (Centre for the Study of Democracy) in 2013 where I worked on Europeanisation and reconciling conflictual national identities in the Balkans. My postdoctoral research has revolved around the themes of European integration and nationalism (the governance of minorities, migration, asylum, as well as the articulation and experience of difference in these contexts). 

Since I joined Kingston University in 2015, I have taught both undergraduates and postgraduates. My main remit now is taking care of our final year undergraduates as the Level 6 tutor. I am recognised as Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

I am the co-founder of an active research network on European migration (eu-migrants.net) which is hosted by our Centre for Research on Communities, Identities and Difference. 

Academic responsibilities

Lecturer in Politics, International Relations and Human Rights


  • 2013 PhD International Relations, University of Westminster
  • 2006 MA Politics and Security, University College London
  • 2004 Magister International Relations, University of Sofia

Teaching and learning

Postgraduate courses taught


Most of my current research is focused on intra-EU migration and its implication for migration and security governance, for identity and belonging, and for the project of European integration. My British Academy/ Leverhulme Trust funded project on EU Migrants in the UK (2016-17 with Ronald Ranta) is currently focused on transnational identities and the impact of Brexit. I am looking to build it up into a wider comparative project of EU migration (both in the UK and across the EU). 

I am also interested in the governance of asylum and security in the EU, as well as in the study of national identities and nationalism more broadly.

I am currently supervising PhD students as a secondary supervisor and I welcome new PhD projects in these and related areas.


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Book Section

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