Dr Stephen Knott


I am a writer, researcher and lecturer in contemporary craft, craft theory and histories of everyday life.

I joined Kingston in December 2015 after lecturing posts at Liverpool Hope University, Camberwell College of Arts (University of the Arts, London), the Royal College of Art, the University of Creative Arts, and Buckingham University. I have a range of teaching experience on both undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

I am the author of Amateur Craft: History and Theory (Bloomsbury, 2015), a book derived from my AHRC-funded Collaborative Doctoral Award (CDA) PhD at the Royal College of Art/Victoria and Albert Museum. 

Additionally, I am one of the editors of The Journal of Modern Craft and have written articles for a range of publications, both academic, such as Design and Culture, West 86th: A Journal of Decorative Arts, Design History and Material Culture; and non-academic, including Crafts, Ceramic Review, Art Jewelry Forum. In 2018 Stephen curated Tendenser at Galleri F15 in Moss, Norway, a showcase of contemporary craft and edited the accompanying catalogue, and is co-curator for Presence and Absence at the Crafts Study Centre (2021-22), an exhibition which responds to the lack of diversity within the Centre's collections.

Academic responsibilities

Senior Lecturer in Critical and Historical Studies


  • PhD History of Design/Jewellery & Metal, Royal College of Art/V&A Museum
  • MA European History, University College London
  • BA (Hons) History, University College London
  • Fellow, Higher Education Academy

Teaching and learning


My research covers the broad terrain of modern craft history and theory, with a particular focus on everyday making. The renewal of interest in a range of craft practices today foregrounds the ambiguous role of amateur making in modernity and its relationship with art and design practice in contemporary and historical contexts. I explored these themes and the historical antecedents to the contemporary revivals of craft in Amateur Craft: History and Theory, published by Bloomsbury in 2015. In this book I covered a range of much-maligned practices, and I investigated the relevance of amateur making to contemporary art and design practice.

Other areas of research include the turn to the decorative and applied arts in France and Britain in the late nineteenth century, modern histories of tooling and craft instruction (kits and manuals), histories of the Art & Crafts and Studio Craft Movements and inter-disciplinary pedagogy in art and design.

My current work develops these themes by exploring the quality and durations of free time in which making takes place.

Research student supervision

Main supervision

Other supervision


Number of items: 45.


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Book Section

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Figueiredo, Deirdre [Curator] and Knott, Stephen [Curator] (2021) Presence and Absence. .

Knott, Stephen [Curator] (2018) Tendenser 2018: Give it time. Tendenser 2018: Give it time. .

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