Dr Sumangali Wijetunge


I graduated with an Honours degree in Pharmacology from University College London following which I joined Imperial College London as a Research Assistant. I undertook my PhD at Imperial College London where my doctoral research was on regulation of vascular calcium channels by tyrosine kinases. I worked as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow and then as a Research lecturer at Imperial College for over 20 years before joining Kingston University in December 2014.  I teach Pharmacology and Physiology in  both undergraduate and postgraduate courses. I am also the module leader for the core Pharmacology module in Level 5 -  Systems Pharmacology (LS5010) module. My research interests are in the areas of lifestyle factors that affect cardiovascular disease and pedagogical research into what factors affect student performance at university. 

Academic responsibilities

Senior Lecturer in Pharmacology, Admissions Tutor Pharmacology


  • BSc (Hons) Pharmacology. University College London.
  • PhD (Pharmacology). Imperial College London. 1998
  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy 2017

Teaching and learning


Some of my publications:

  • Wimalasundera RC; Wijetunge S; Thom SM; Regan L; Hughes AD. (2010). Impaired recovery of intracellular calcium and force after activation in isolated myometrial and subcutaneous resistance arteries from women with pre-eclampsia. J Hypertens. 28:568-574.
  • Wijetunge S; Hughes AD. (2007). Src family tyrosine kinases mediate contraction of rat isolated tail arteries in response to a hyposmotic hyposmotic stimulus. J Hypertens. 25(9):1871-8.
  • Kox M; Wijetunge S; Pickkers P; Hughes AD. (2007). Inhibition of Src family tyrosine kinases prevents lipopolysaccharide-induced hyporeactivity in isolated rat tail arteries. Vascul Pharmacol. 46:195-200.
  • Wijetunge S; Hughes AD. (2005). Mechanism of contraction of rat isolated tail arteries by hyposmotic solutions. J Vasc Res. 42:93-100.
  • Wijetunge S; Dolphin AC; Hughes AD. (2002). Tyrosine kinases act directly on the alpha1 subunit to modulate Ca(v)2.2 calcium channels. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 290:1246-1249.
  • Wijetunge S; Lymn JS; Hughes AD. (2000). Effects of protein tyrosine kinase inhibitors on voltage-operated calcium channel currents in vascular smooth muscle cells and pp60(c-src) kinase activity. Br J Pharmacol. 129:1347-1354.


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