Judith Farren Bradley


After 10 years as a chartered architect, with experience of new and historic buildings, I joined Kingston School of Architecture in 1991 as a full time academic. I was primarily responsible for the development of the postgraduate Professional Practice programme in Architecture, before taking on the role of Director of Research in C-Scaipe (Centre for Sustainable Communities Achieved through Integrated Professional Education).   In 2014, I was appointed Course Director for the BSc (Hons) and MSc Historic Building programmes where our focus is on interdisciplinary working to support the needs of our historic environment.  

Academic responsibilities

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Teaching and learning

My decision to focus on professional education and the role of the profession in the creation and conservation of the designed and historic environment, was born of my experience working as a women, in a male dominated profession and industry, with and for major institutions as well as private clients.  I was privileged to work across traditional professional boundaries with colleagues who had benefited from an architectural education but who had chosen to develop alternative careers, having found the traditional role and dominant attitudes of the profession 'not fit for purpose'.  I have therefore approached my role as a facilitator of learning rather than a purveyor of a discrete body of knowledge.  I remain convinced that the primary site for professional learning does not reside within the academy but is situated within interconnected and interdependent practices.

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