Mr Theo Thysiades


I studied architecture at London Metropolitan University and fine art at Guildhall University. 

I have been teaching architecture, at The School of Art, Architecture and Design at LMU, since 2014 with Stephen Taylor. Our teaching and research there is focused on the artistic practice of architecture and has been published internationally.

I have been practicing as a chartered architect since 2013 and have been involved in the design and delivery of a range of award winning, urban and architectural designs, for private and public clients. Since 2018 I have been a director at APPARATA.

I am interested in contributing to the fair, socially driven, sustainable transformation of our environment through design means, and in how practice based research, on collective and sustainable living, can be advanced in an academic environment.

A t KSA, I teach MArch Unit 09 with Astrid Smitham & Nicholas Lobo Brennan .

Academic responsibilities



  • BSc. (Hons), London Metropolitan University, UK
  • Dip Arch, London Metropolitan University, UK
  • PG Cert Professional Practice in Architecture, London Metropolitan University, UK
  • ARB Registration, UK

Teaching and learning

Postgraduate courses taught