Ms Neelam Sharma


Hello my name is Neelam and I am a pharmacist with a love for the 'diet and exercise' part of health. I graduated from the London School of Pharmacy and my teaching experience has mainly been gained from postgraduate teaching at the Universities of London, Kent and Manchester. I thrive where I know I can make a positive impact and more recently that work has been as a coach, and advocate of employee wellbeing. This is important in healthcare, where healthcare staff need to be well, to be the best version of themselves.

I am born and bred in Kingston and love being back in my happy place.

Academic responsibilities

Temporary lecturer


  • BPharm (hons)
  • DipPharmPrac
  • ILM level 5 coach and mentor
  • Education Supervision recognition scheme (CPPE)
  • Master NLP practitioner

Teaching and learning

Teaching is a privilege and one of my core values is life long learning. My journey here has taken me through many different sectors of pharmacy and the thread uniting them all is that I have taught wherever I have worked. Most recently I was one of the first education supervisors in the country, supporting pharmacists moving into general practice. That role taught me that I needed more than knowledge to be able to teach well and I embarked on upskilling myself to become an accredited coach. I need to connect with you in order to be able to communicate effectively.  

Undergraduate courses taught

Leadership and management

I get to work with senior leadership teams on cultural change that keeps employee wellbeing at its core. I develop and run 'human skills' workshops and coach senior leaders 121.