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I am Professor of Art History, a position which I've held for twelve years at Kingston. I arrived in 2005 (from Falmouth University) as Director of Postgraduate Studies  The following year I was appointed to my Professorship; two years later I returned to full-time academic work, teaching across undergraduate and postgraduate courses and supervising PhDs, as well as pursuing my research and writing interests in the field of twentieth-century modernist and postmodernist studies. 

Within this field, my focus has been, from the start of my research career, on the work of the 20th and 21stC artistic avant-gardes. I've published three books on the cubist movement in Paris, but more recently I'm researching the history and theories of the avant-garde as a cultural formation. My The Avant-Garde: A Very Short Introduction appeared in 2013, and I'm currently writing a book on the Paris and London avant-gardes of c1885-1915 for Yale University Press.

Academic responsibilities

Professor of Art History


  • PhD in Art History, Courtauld Institute of Art, 1985.

Teaching and learning


My initial area of research, from my PhD on, was the cubist movement in Paris c1905-1915, on which I published three books (one scholarly and--I think--pioneering, one a survey and one an introduction). This broadened into an interest in the avant-garde as a concept and cultural formation, its histories, theories and significance. I believe that I'm opening up a new and significant avenue of understanding of both aspects of this subject; my 2013 book The Avant-Garde: A Very Short Introduction for Oxford UP presented an analysis that brought together the history of the steady co-option of the avant-garde formation by the cultural forces of capitalism, and the repeated efforts made through the last hundred years to recuperate its originating ideology in opposition to these. My present work is on a scholarly book, for Yale University Press, which develops this dialectical approach into a substantial and detailed methodology of historical analysis.

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Book Section

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Conference or Workshop Item

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