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Professor Peter Buse

Associate Dean (Research and Enterprise)


I'm Associate Dean for Research, Arts and Social Sciences, a post I took up in May 2016, after originally joining Kingston in 2013 as Head of School of Performance and Screen Studies. I was formerly Professor of Visual Culture at the University of Salford, and before that (long before) completed my MA and PhD at the Centre for Critical and Cultural Theory, Cardiff University and my BA at the University of Alberta, Canada. I'm the author of The Camera Does the Rest: How Polaroid Changed Photography (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2016) a media archaeology of instant photography. My other current interests include psychoanalysis (Freud, Lacan), comedy, and periodicals (journals, magazines), especially the relations between the first and the other two. I'm an Executive Member of the European Society for Periodical Research and reviews editor of New Formations.

Areas of specialism

  • History and theory of photography
  • Psychoanalysis (Freud and Lacan)
  • Comedy and comic theory
  • Periodical studies
  • Critical and cultural theory
  • Modern drama

Courses taught



  • BA (Hons) English, University of Alberta
  • MA Critical and Cultural Theory, University of Cardiff
  • PhD, University of Cardiff

Professional membership

Executive Member, European Society for Periodical Research

Member, Society for History of Technology

Member, Modernist Studies Association

Member, Media, Communication, and Cultural Studies Association (MeCCSA)

Member, British Association of Film, Television and Screen Studies

Executive Member, London Graduate School


Number of items: 21.


Buse, Peter (2018) Narcissism in Toronto : Jones, Freud, and minor Differences. Textual Practice, ISSN (print) 0950-236X (In Press)

Buse, Peter (2017) Photo/Play. Loose Associations, 3(3), pp. 16-19. ISSN (print) 2397-0839

Buse, Peter (2017) Psychoanalysis on Sunday : Lacan, cinema, comedy. Genre, 50(2), pp. 219-238. ISSN (print) 0016-6928

Buse, Peter (2017) The dog and the parakeet : Lacan among the animals. Angelaki: Journal of Theoretical Humanities, 22(4), pp. 133-145. ISSN (print) 0969-725X

Buse, Peter, Caselli, Daniella and Ware, Ben (2016) Introduction : Right in front of our eyes. Parallax, 22(4), pp. 386-389. ISSN (print) 1353-4645

Buse, Peter (2016) On the diagonal : Jacques Lacan's reading lists. Parallax, 22(4), pp. 481-499. ISSN (print) 1353-4645

Buse, Peter and Toribio, Nuria Triana (2015) 'Ocho apellidos vascos' and the comedy of minor differences. Romance Quarterly, 62(4), pp. 229-241. ISSN (print) 0883-1157

Buse, Peter (2010) Polaroid into digital: technology, cultural form, and the social practices of snapshot photography. Continuum: Journal of Media & Cultural Studies, 24(2), pp. 215-230. ISSN (print) 1030-4312

Buse, Peter (2009) Polaroid, aperture and Ansel Adams: rethinking the industry-aesthetics divide. History of Photography, 33(4), pp. 354-369. ISSN (print) 0308-7298


Buse, Peter (2016) The camera does the rest : how Polaroid changed photography. Chicago, U.S.A. : University of Chicago Press. 320p. ISBN 9780226176383

Willis, Andy, Triana-Toribio, Nuria and Buse, Peter (2007) The cinema of Álex de la Iglesia. Manchester, U.K. : Manchester University Press. 224p. (Spanish and Latin-American filmmakers) ISBN 9780719071379

Buse, Peter, Hirschkop, Ken, McCracken, Scott and Taithe, Bertrand (2006) Benjamin's Arcades: an unguided tour. Manchester, U.K. : Manchester University Press. 224p. (Encounters: cultural history) ISBN 9780719069895

Buse, Peter (2001) Drama + theory: critical approaches to modern British drama. Manchester, U.K. : Manchester University Press. 224p. ISBN 9780719057229

Buse, Peter and Stott, Andrew, eds. (1999) Ghosts: deconstruction, psychoanalysis, history. Basingstoke, U.K. : Palgrave Macmillan. 268p. ISBN 9780312217396

Book Section

Buse, Peter (2018) The Photographer as Reader: The Aspirational Amateur in the Photo-Magazines. In: Burbridge, Ben and Pollen, Annebella, (eds.) Photography Reframed : New Visions in Photographic Culture. London, U.K. : I.B. Tauris. pp. 48-61. ISBN 9781784538828

Buse, Peter (2017) Polaroid's fourth archive. In: Zeleny, Kyler, (ed.) Found Polaroids. Savannah, Georgia, U.S. : Aint-Bad. pp. 11-13. ISBN 9781944005139

Buse, Peter (2017) The longevity of Polaroid. In: Ewing, William A. and Hitchcock, Barbara P., (eds.) The Polaroid project : at the intersection of art and technology. London, U.K. : Thames and Hudson. pp. 172-175. ISBN 9780500544730

Buse, Peter (2015) Vernacular photographic genres after the camera phone. In: Dowd, Garin and Rulyova, Natalia, (eds.) Genre trajectories: identifying, mapping, projecting. Basingstoke, U.K. : Palgrave. pp. 144-162. ISBN 9781137505477

Buse, Peter (2013) 40,000 roses - or, the perversity of Polaroid. In: Lombino, Mary-Kay, (ed.) The Polaroid years. New York, U.S. : Prestel. pp. 32-53. ISBN 9783791352640

Buse, Peter (2007) Sollicitations téléphoniques: La Campagne de Martin Crimp. In: Boireau, Nicole and Angel-Perez, Elisabeth, (eds.) Le theatre anglais contemporain (1985-2005). Paris, France : Klincksieck. pp. 153-170. ISBN 9782252036013

Conference or Workshop Item

Buse, Peter (2015) Clowning and power : Lacan, Nietzsche, Foucault. In: Rethinking democracy in literature, languages & culture; 15 - 17 May 2015, Thessaloniki, Greece. (Unpublished)

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