Foundation Studies

Our foundation course is one of only a few of its kind in the UK rated by OFSTED as outstanding in all areas. It is designed specifically to help students make informed decisions on which degree to follow.

Uniquely, our students follow a rotating pathway through six subject areas. They explore Visual Communication; Fashion and fabrication; 3D Design; Moving Image; Fine Art, and Work Out - which simultaneously crosses all disciplines, giving students the skills to visualise their ideas.

Students will gain the support and understanding to identify a suitable career path and preferred degree route. The course is structured to enable them to make confident UCAS applications and begin building portfolios within a few months. The course provides the best foundation for developing your creative skills and critical thinking.

Since 2007, 100% of Kingston School of Art Foundation Studies students wanting to study in higher education were accepted onto university courses, the majority achieving their first choice.

We believe this is the result of rapidly-enhanced understanding of subject areas and the maturity of thought and practice we instil in the students. A very low student-to-tutor ratio also helps students create impressive portfolios and understand their own areas for development. It is supported by the experience our staff have of Kingston School of Art degree teaching, giving students a fuller understanding of the rigours and expectations of art and design degrees.

Please note: there are no tuition fees for this course for students aged under 19.

A solid Foundation

We're looking for Foundation Studies students with more questions than answers. At Kingston School of Art, we focus on ideas-driven making, informed by social responsibility, across four core disciplines:

  • Visual communications, looking at conceptual and ideas-driven approaches for a breadth of communication in graphics, illustration, advertising, animation and art direction. This includes a variety of socially-driven "live" projects.
  • Fashion and fabrication introduces textiles, styling, fashion promotion and design for menswear/womenswear. We look at the bigger picture, too: such as sustainability; body image; or commenting on the fashion industry itself.
  • 3D Design gives insights into thinking three-dimensionally, for architecture, product design, interior design – and even theatre design and prosthetics. We consider human behaviour; and how we interact with the world around us in 3D.
  • Fine Art allows students a highly-experimental, process-driven experience, focusing first on the practice of becoming a professional artist. The course takes in painting, sculpture, performance, installation and photography. We visit leading London studios and hear from respected visiting practitioners.

Throughout, students are given the unusual opportunity to work in large and small group projects. This builds the partnership and team working skills essential in degree study and professional practice.