Film & Photography

Whether you are studying film making or photography you will be in an environment which values ideas and concepts, insists on you developing your own voice and is committed to professional skills development. Reflecting on practice and engaging with relevant theories and archives is an important part of developing our practitioners. We have a long-standing commitment to both analogue and digital processes and the fluid movement between both. Historic processes including Cyanotypes, liquid emulsions Salt Printing, 8mm and 16mm filming can be explored. Our research active staff are all makers and are supported by visiting tutors who bring further insights and skills.

The Department takes a multi-genre approach to both film and photography. Our photography students can pursue photography as, for example, documentary, fashion, advertising, editorial or for the gallery whilst our filmmakers are encouraged to produce narrative, documentary and experimental based films and gain experience relevant to specific film departments and roles. At the heart of the experience is developing the ability and confidence to make work that produces impact and bring new stories to light.

Students enjoy advanced specialist technical workshops, studios, postproduction suites, film processing facilities and analogue colour and black and white darkrooms. In addition Kingston School of Art has a range of high quality workshop facilities open to all students including 3D Printing, Bookbinding, construction, and Letterpress allowing for additional experimentation. As part of a larger vibrant school there are opportunities to collaborate with fine artists, architects, fashion designers and illustrators.  

Kingston School of Art's adjacent Stanley Picker Gallery has a commitment to showing lens media-based artists and the Department has a working relationship with Kingston Museum home to the Eadweard Muybridge Collection – a valued touch point as Muybridge was a key pioneer of both photography and film and bridged the still and moving image. The Department also has close working ties with British Film Institute (BFI), Lux (artists moving image), the Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA), Wellcome Trust, The Photographers' Gallery and Impressions Gallery.

Postgraduate courses