Exhibitions, conferences and events

Artists and the Garden: New Perspectives

27–28 September 2021

This conference will explore the relationship between cultural production and the garden, across creative disciplines and media, from the 18th century until the present day. The conference will take place at the Hestercombe Trust, in Somerset.

Urban Encounters 2017: Cartographies – Conference at Tate Britain

11 November 2017

Now in its tenth year, the theme of Urban Encounters for 2017 is Cartographies. We explore how we make sense of places through visual and photographic representations, across a variety of global contexts.

Urban Encounters 2017: Related exhibitions and events


10 - 15 November

Starts with the Urban Photographers Association annual artist's keynote lecture from the internationally acclaimed photographic artist Roger Ballen at Tate Britain.

Intercollegiate Brunch

10 November 2017

A networking event for students studying with UPF university partners.

Cartographies of Inclusion: Graduate Show

10 - 15 November 2017

A platform for students from participating universities to showcase their photographic projects exploring aspects of the festival's theme of ‘Cartographies'.

The Ethics of Coding and the Human Algorithmic Condition - Institute of Contemporary Arts

9 November 2017

In this discursive event, writer and researcher Yuk Hui and philosopher Peg Birmingham explore the intersections between the practice of ethics and the technology of algorithms.

Mike Nelson: A52 at CAPRI

8 September – 15 October 2017

The installation "A52" was developed especially for CAPRI and is the most recent piece in a series of works that Mike Nelson began in 2013.

Croydon Art Store Launch

Croydon Arts Store is a temporary takeover of the old Grange furniture store in the Whitgift Centre by a consortium of local and neighbouring arts organisations, including Croydon Council, Turf Projects, Art Halo and Kingston School of Art.

Read more about the Croydon Biennale Research Space.

Goodbye Charles - Charles H Scott Gallery, Vancouver

March - April 2017

Charlotte Cullinan and Jeanine Richards as Cullinan Richards were invited to take part in the final exhibition at the Charles H Scott Gallery, Vancouver CA before they moved and became the new Libby Leshgold Gallery. Cullinan Richards worked with the archives and collections of the canadian artist Charles H Scott to make a series of paintings based of the beaux art balls he established at the art school in the 1940's and two major new works.

Volker Eichelmann - 'On Peacock Island'

28 January – 30 April 2017

The first major solo exhibition by Volker Eichelmann featuring new work by the artist, and incorporating an arrangement of drawings by Stephen Tennant (1906-1987), one of the most prominent of the ‘Bright Young Things'.

Stanley Picker Lectures - Institute of Contemporary Arts

2 May 2014 – 1 July 2017

The ICA is collaborating with The Contemporary Art Research Centre at Kingston University, London to host this year's Stanley Picker Public Lectures on Art.

No Working Title: With Bath Spa University and Kingston University – Workshop at Tate Modern

27 January 2017

Join this event at Tate Exchange to see the exciting results of art made by instructions and step in to a series of open group discussions with Kingston University: Faculty of Art, Design & Architecture and Bath School of Art.

Elizabeth Price Curates - In A Dream You Saw A Way To Survive And You Were Full Of Joy

10 June – 30 October 2016

This exhibition encompassed a vast repertoire of images of the reclining or recumbent body by many artists - in states of weariness, sleep, stupor, reverie, mourning, death and erotic transport or languor.

Symposium: Wild Minds - Institute of Contemporary Arts

31 March 2017

A symposium bringing together filmmakers, theorists, curators and those working with animal groups, focusing around the ambiguities and co-operations that define our relations with other species.

Friday Salon: Towards a New Publishing House

17 June 2016

A roundtable discussion on the case for the creation of a new publishing house.

Symposium: Plague of Diagrams - Institute of Contemporary Arts

22 August 2015

This symposium invites practitioners from the worlds of art, architecture, theory and music to discuss the use, nature and possibilities of diagrams and diagramming.

Panel discussion: Staging Painting - Institute of Contemporary Arts

21 July 2015

This event will feature a panel of artists presenting and discussing new approaches to making paintings within their practices.