Researchers and research students


Research students

Current PhD students

  • Lucy Coggle (AHRC Techne) – Shimmering the Screen – Surface tension and perpetual vacillation in the digital image
  • Jenna Collins (AHRC Techne) – Involuntary and Irregular: An interdisciplinary study of trembling, the trembling body and narratives of trembling through moving image practice
  • Maureen De Jager – War Stories: Refocusing Traces of the South African War
  • Melissa Gordon (AHRC Techne) – The Expansive Gesture: locating the value of a contemporary painting gesture in an expanded art field
  • Luke Gottelier – Vulgarity – The Highest Form of Art?
  • Felicity Hammond (AHRC Techne) – Simulated Ruins: Living in a rendered landscape
  • John Hughes – Surface and Sub-Surface Subversions UNDERGROUND: semi-fictional investigations into London Underground and its territories
  • James Irwin – Using Printmaking and the Moving Image to relocate the individual within Algorithms and Automation
  • Gareth Jones (KU funding) – The Information Unit
  • Simon Josebury (AHRC Techne) – Looking Good: rank, trade and the element of distance
  • Bill Leslie (AHRC Techne) – What is it if not right here? Questioning the sculptural objects constitution in representational media
  • Christian Newby – Hierarchies of Art and Craft through the representation of Domestic Space
  • Rupert Norfolk (AHRC Techne) – The Mobility of Facts: in what ways have our changing relation to things altered the potential of encounters with sculpture?
  • David Panos (AHRC Techne) – The History of The End of History:  The Revisiting, Referencing and Recycling of the Recent Past in Contemporary Art and Culture
  • Joey Ryken – Hallucinatory Theatres: On performance Art practice as Tactical Apparatus for Speculative Suprasensory Countercultures
  • Seyyed Sadegh Aleahmad – Anxiety of Difference
  • Daniel Shanken – The Brain and Subjectivity: Neurological investigations into Art Practice
  • Maryam Tafakory (KU funding) –  Devotion and Absence: Intimate codes of reciprocity between the sacrosanct, artist, film and spectator
  • Charlie Tweed (AHRC Techne) – Re-writing the overcode: machinic modelling as artistic strategy
  • Martin Westwood (AHRC) – They live in value just as people live in gravity

PhD completions

  • Jonathan Allen (AHRC) – Casting for the voice of Strength || Austin Spare and the cultures of cartomancy (2017) 
  • Susan Barnet – Journeying to Eudemonia: Travel as a Creative Consideration (2012)
  • Anat Ben-David – Composition as Alienation in Art (2016)
  • Rachel Cattle (AHRC Techne) – I am a Stylus: Play, Erase, Replay and Overdub as Strategies for Contemporary Fine Art Practice
  • Arnaud Desjardin (AHRC) – The Everyday Press, an Imprint of Books by Artists (2012)
  • Mark Greenwood – The Performing Body in the Event of Writing: 'Lad Broke' (2013)
  • Roderick Harris – Zynthetik Theater (2015)
  • Emma Hart – How to Do Things with Cameras (2013)
  • Dan Hays – Painting in the Light of Digital Photography (2012)
  • Stine Ljungdalh – How can the idea of 'the event' be identified in European alchemy and within broader discourses of subjectivity? (2016)
  • Ailbhe Ni-Brihain – The Aesthetics of Exile – An Exploration of Location and Dislocation within the Image Space and its Application to Textuality and Visuality in Ireland (2009)
  • John Russell – Staging and the Event: Performative Strategies in Contemporary Art (2007)
  • Matthew Thompson (AHRC) – Fragments from a Future Archive (2012)
  • Esther Windsor – Ugly beast: a critical study of curating contemporary fine art (2019)

For details of past research students, please see Former research students.