Self-funded PhD project ideas

The projects listed below are interdisciplinary. Candidates are invited to discuss the project they are interested in with the proposed First Supervisor.

Aerospace and Aircraft Engineering

Title: Innovation in photovoltaics for Net Zero Buildings
First Supervisor: Dr Hasan Baig

Title: Fabrication, testing and lifetime prediction of bio-based biodegradable composites for aircraft interior panels 
First Supervisor: Dr Doni J. Daniel

Title: Identification of modal parameters and non-linear effects in short and noisy aircraft structural signals.
First Supervisor: Dr Jose Barros Rodriguez

Title: Performance Evaluation and Failure Analysis of Preventive Corrosion/Erosion Coatings Used in Power Plant and Refinery
First Supervisor: Dr Doni J. Daniel

Title: Modelling and simulation of degradation of ultra high temperature ceramics (UHTCs) under hypersonic flow
First Supervisor: Dr Doni J. Daniel

Title: Analysis and development of fuel cell propulsion systems for drones and manned aircraft
First Supervisor: Dr Cliff Dansoh

Title: Multi-fidelity Optimisation of the eVTOL Wing for the Air-taxi concept
First Supervisor: Dr Yujing Lin

Title: Design and performance optimisation of Proton exchange membrane fuel cell for aviation application
First Supervisor: Dr Yujing Lin

Title: The effects of serrations on the aerodynamic performance of F-1 race car wing with a slotted flap
First Supervisor: Dr Sing Lo

Title: Demonstration and optimisation of a Field Reversed Configuration (FRC) plasmoid for injection into a High-Energy Density Electromechanical Thruster based on Stabilized Liner Compression for a UK Fusion Rocket propulsion program
First Supervisor: Dr Peter Shaw

Title: The use of deep learning and machine learning for the optimisation of space propulsion technologies
First Supervisor: Dr Peter Shaw

Title: Thermal effects and anti-icing efficiency of an icing protection system for large wind turbines
First Supervisor: Professor Jian Wang

Title: Autonomous Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) navigation in GPS denied scenarios
First Supervisor: Dr Yahya Zweiri

Civil Engineering and Construction

Title: Flood mitigation schemes in rural communities in the south west of England
First Supervisor: Dr Karen Clarke

Title: Residual strength controls on coastal cliff development in southeast England
First Supervisor: Dr Karen Clarke

Title: Improving the behaviour of plate girders via modification with additional FRP layers
First Supervisor: Dr Ted Donchev

Title: Instability in peat
First Supervisor: Dr Alan Dykes

Title: Improved understanding of the Vaiont landslide based on refined modelling using updated geological information
First Supervisor: Dr Alan Dykes

Title: The application of Eurocode 8 Part 1 around the world
First Supervisor: Professor Costas Georgopoulos

Title: Construction Quality Management in the Digital Age
First Supervisor: Dr Hasan Haroglu

Title: Investigating the Management of the Early Stages of the Building Project Life Cycle
First Supervisor: Dr Hasan Haroglu

Title: Climate change influences on landsliding in the British Isles
First Supervisor: Maia Ibsen

Title: Investigation of the behaviour of high strength concrete (HCS) at elevated temperature
First Supervisor: Dr Hsein Kew

Title: Optimising reinforced concrete elements containing recycled aggregate of equal compressive strength to conventional concrete
First Supervisor: Dr Hsein Kew

Title: CNT/cement nanocomposite materials for structural applications for buildings
First Supervisor: Professor Mukesh Limbachiya

Title: Assessing and improving the productivity of construction labour through resilient interventions against stagnation (in respect of the evolving perspectives of the impacts of pandemics like the coronavirus)
First Supervisor: Dr Paul Misser

Title: Finding a novel integrated phase-change material (PCM) with thermal system for building application: A nearly net-zero carbon emission and green strategy in enhancing the sustainable built environment
First Supervisor: Dr Siti Diana Nabilah Mohd Nasir

Title: Behaviour of under-reamed piles in sand under lateral and vertical loading
First Supervisor: Dr Joshua Omer

Title: Effects of installation methods and polymer support fluids on the lateral load capacity of piled foundations in low to medium permeability soils
First Supervisor: Dr Joshua Omer

Title: Composite timber/FRP elements
First Supervisor: Dr Diana Petkova

Computing and Information Systems

Computing and Information Systems PhD projects listed by first supervisor

Dr Jab Abbass

Dr Nabajeet Barman

Professor Sarah Barman

Michael Bosy

Dr Jarek Francik

Dr Nabeel Khan

Dr Jay Kiruthika

Dr Xing Liang

Professor Dimitrios Makris

Professor Maria Martini

Dr Robert Mellor

Gregory Mills

Professor Jean-Christophe Nebel

Dr Obinna Omego

Dr Eckhard Pfluegel

Dr. Nada Philip

Professor Christos Politis

Dr Farzana Rahman

Professor Paolo Remagnino

Dr Ahmed Shihab

Dr Martin Tunnicliffe

Professor David Wertheim

Hu Yuan

Geography, Geology and Environment

Life Sciences

Life Sciences PhD projects listed by first supervisor

Dr Judith Allgrove

Dr Hossein Ashrafi

Dr Jess Buxton

Dr Athina-Myrto Chioni

Phil Crilly

Dr Terry Gaymes

Professor Andrey Karlyshev

Dr Alison Kelly

Dr Mouhamad Khoder

Dr Katya Lamber

Yujing Lin

Dr Francesca Mackenzie

Professor Helmout Modjtahedi

Dr Hannah Moir

Professor Declan Naughton

Professor Andrea Petroczi

Dr Elena Polycarpou

Dr Sianne Schwikkard

Dr Owen Spendiff

Professor Tony Walker


Mechanical and Automotive Engineering

Title: Investigation of optical properties of the cornea
First Supervisor: Professor Andy Augousti

Title: Robotic Wireless Sensor Network (RWSN) design to enhance the sensing capability of robotic systems via WSN for IoT robotic applications
First Supervisor: Professor Andy Augousti

Title: Feasibility studies for novel desalination plant designs
First Supervisor: Professor Andy Augousti

Title: Fire suppression capabilities of gas-like micromist
First Supervisor: Dr Siaka Dembele

Title: Chemical detection using intelligent UAV system
First Supervisor: Dr Olga Duran

Title: Robust perception and decision making for autonomous vehicles
First Supervisor: Dr Olga Duran

Title: Enhancement of electrical conductivity of carbon fibre composite for resisting lightening strike on aircraft
First Supervisor: Dr Homayoun Hadavinia

Title: Sustainable car design using bio-composite materials
First Supervisor: Professor George Haritos

Title: Numerical simulation of deflagration, detonation and DDT in large scale inhomogeneous reactive mixtures
First Supervisor: Dr Ali Heidari

Title: Development of a responsive 3D printer for smart additive manufacturing
First Supervisor: Dr Pingfei Jiang

Title: Computational modelling and simulation of bio-inspired structures
First Supervisor: Dr Payam Khazaeinejad

Title: Shape optimisation for aesthetics/functional requirements in the context of additive manufacturing
First Supervisor: Dr Payam Khazaeinejad

Title: Hybrid-type finite elements for thermomechanical problems
First Supervisor: Dr Payam Khazaeinejad

Title: Advanced composites structures FEA/CFD modelling design and manufacturing
First Supervisor: Dr Spiros Koutsonas

Title: Realignment of resources optimisation techniques for different industrial sectors
First Supervisor: Dr Andy Lung

Title: Numerical investigation of developing laminar flames distorted by turbulence
First Supervisor: Dr Siva Prasad Reddy Muppala

Title: Numerical measurements of two-staged gas turbine combustion for hydrogen enrichment of hydrocarbons
First Supervisor: Dr Siva Prasad Reddy Muppala

Title: An investigation into transonic flows over high pressure gas turbine blade tip
First Supervisor: Dr Zainab Saleh

Title: Additive manufacturing process optimisation
First Supervisor: Dr Diana-Nicoleta Vienescu

Title: Combustion and detonation of hydrogen with suspended particles and droplets
First Supervisor: Dr Konstantin Volkov

Title: Design and optimisation of wind farms built-in to existing buildings and civil objects
First Supervisor: Dr Konstantin Volkov

Title: Particulate systems in fire safety engineering
First Supervisor: Dr Konstantin Volkov

Title: Tap water treatment with a laser pulse
First Supervisor: Dr Konstantin Volkov

Title: Resilient and lightweight unmanned aerial vehicle for extreme environment
First Supervisor: Dr Yahya Zweiri

Pharmacy and Chemistry

Pharmacy and Chemistry PhD projects listed by first supervisor

Professor James Barker

Dr Stephen Barton

Dr Ian Beadham

Dr Joseph C Bear

Dr Miyyada Boumechache

Dr Rosa Busquets

Dr Gianpiero Calabrese

Philip Crilly

Dr Ahmed Elbediwy

Dr Shereen Elnabhani

Dr Amr ElShaer

Dr John Fletcher

Dr Nati Garrido Mesa

Dr Dominikus Heift

Dr Darren Johnson

Dr Hachemi Kadri

Dr Ayomi Perera

Dr Gemma Shearman

Dr Anil Vangala

Dr Stephen Wren