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Research project ideas

Self-funded PhD projects

The projects listed below are interdisciplinary. Candidates are invited to discuss the project they are interested in with the proposed First Supervisor.

Aerospace and Aircraft Engineering

Civil Engineering and Construction

Computing and Information Systems

Geography, Geology and Environment

Life Sciences

Title: Exercise and nutritional status on metabolic and hormonal responses in lean and overweight/obese individuals
First Supervisor: Dr Judith Allgrove

Title: Potential therapeutic effects of natural products in Human Papillomavirus (HPV) related cervical cancers
First Supervisor: Dr Hossein Ashrafi

Title: FGFR signalling in breast cancer
First Supervisor: Dr Athina-Myrto Chioni

Title: Defining the ‘molecular signature' of PARP inhibitor sensitivity in haematological malignancies
First Supervisor: Dr Terry Gaymes

Title: Investigating the modulation of cellular responses as a consequence of long term Poly ADP Ribose Polymerase (PARP) inhibition therapy
First Supervisor: Dr Terry Gaymes

Title: Investigation and Exploitation of DNA Damage and Repair in Leukaemia
First Supervisor: Dr Terry Gaymes

Title: Investigation of a probiotic strain of Lactobacillus plantarum 2025 and the development of novel antibacterials
First Supervisor: Professor Andrey Karlyshev

Title: Investigating the efficacy of novel antimicrobial mixes on microorganisms, surfaces and cells lines: an integrated study
First Supervisor: Dr Alison Kelly

Title: Biological significance, predictive value and targeting of the HER family members in pancreatic cancer
First Supervisor: Professor Helmout Modjtahedi

Title: Study of biological significance and targeting of HER family members in liver cancer
First Supervisor: Professor Helmout Modjtahedi

Title: Gender differences of ultra-endurance running: Profiling of female ultra-runners
First Supervisor: Dr Hannah Moir

Title: 'You are what you eat': Consumers, providers, and governance of human enhancement through diet
First Supervisor: Professor Declan Naughton

Title: Pragmatic, positive and innovative approaches to tackle doping in amateur-, fitness- and sport to elite competitive sport
First Supervisor: Professor Andrea Petroczi

Title: Involvement of P2X7 receptors in cancer
First Supervisor: Dr Elena Polycarpou

Title: The synthesis and evaluation of chalcones, heterocyclic chalcones and related natural products as potential novel anti-microbial and anti-cancer agents
First Supervisor: Dr Sianne Schwikkard

Title: Gonorrhoea antibiotic resistance, genomic changes, and evolution
First Supervisor: Dr Lori Snyder

Title: Pathogenesis of gonococcal eye infections
First Supervisor: Dr Lori Snyder

Title: Undermining the expression of gonorrhoea disease genes
First Supervisor: Dr Lori Snyder

Title: The influence of a low carbohydrate high fat diet on exercise and performance
First Supervisor: Dr Owen Spendiff

Title: Compensatory gait patterns in running
First Supervisor: Dr Nicola Swann

Title: Molecular regulation of surface remodelling in the human pathogen Schistosoma mansoni
First Supervisor: Professor Tony Walker


Mechanical and Automotive Engineering

Title: Feasibility studies for novel desalination plant designs
First Supervisor: Professor Andy Augousti

Title: Development and testing of a contra-rotating Hales Tidal Water Turbine
First Supervisor: Rod Bromfield

Title: Fire suppression capabilities of gas-like micromist
First Supervisor: Dr Siaka Dembele

Title: Chemical Detection Using Intelligent UAV system
First Supervisor: Dr Olga Duran

Title: Enhancement of electrical conductivity of carbon fibre composite for resisting lightening strike on aircrafts
First Supervisor: Dr Homayoun Hadavinia

Title: Additive manufacturing of metal components using FDM technology
First Supervisor: Dr Hany Hassanin

Title: Graphene/ceramic nanocomposites for fireproof applications
First Supervisor: Dr Hany Hassanin

Title: An investigation into transonic flows over high pressure gas turbine blade tip
First Supervisor: Dr Zinab Saleh

Title: Combustion and detonation of hydrogen with suspended particles and droplets
First Supervisor: Dr Konstantin Volkov

Title: Design and optimisation of wind farms built-in to existing buildings and civil objects
First Supervisor: Dr Konstantin Volkov

Title: Particulate systems in fire safety engineering
First Supervisor: Dr Konstantin Volkov

Title: Tap water treatment with a laser pulse
First Supervisor: Dr Konstantin Volkov

Title: Development of hybrid energy recovery system to harvest energy from waste heat using TE materials
First Supervisor: Professor Tao Zhang

Title: Knowledge based process planning using manufacturing big data
First Supervisor: Professor Tao Zhang

Title: Resilient and Lightweight Unmanned Aerial Vehicle for Extreme Environment
First Supervisor: Dr Yahya Zweiri

Pharmacy and Chemistry

Title: Lead isotope ratio measurements in microcosms and avian samples as indicators for the source of lead poisoning in wildfowl
First Supervisor: Dr James Barker

Title: Synthesis and Properties of Novel thermoresponsive polymers for water purification
First Supervisor: Dr Stephen Barton

Title: Modification of antibiotics to improve efficacy / safety
First Supervisor: Dr Ian Beadham

Title: Exploring "inverse vulcanisation" sulphur polymers and their analogues for 3D printing, healthcare and catalysis
First Supervisor: Dr Joseph C Bear

Title: Standard setting of OSCEs in Pharmacy Education
First Supervisor: Professor Chris Cairns

Title: Development of Smart Nanocapsules for Targeted Anti-Cancer Drug Delivery
First Supervisor: Dr Gianpiero Calabrese

Title: Development and evaluation of games and computer simulations to teach physiology
First Supervisor: Dr Mark Carew

Title: Medicated dental implants
First Supervisor: Dr Amr ElShaer

Title: Chitosan-electroactive polymer blends and grafted copolymers as potential smart drug-delivery materials
First Supervisor: Dr John Fletcher

Title: Ileo-colonic targeted drug delivery
First Supervisor: Dr John Fletcher

Title: Investigating patterning genes in CNS regeneration in planaria
First Supervisor: Dr Francesca Mackenzie

Title: Novel assays for screening drug – lipid membrane interactions
First Supervisor: Dr Gemma Shearman

Title: Oral delivery of insulin for diabetes therapy: Development and evaluation of insulin loaded polymer/lipid based carrier systems
First Supervisor: Dr Anil Vangala

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